Singing as a hobby

We are a family of singers. My aunts used to be a professional singer and they have performed to different countries. When we sing, it is very obvious that singing is our talent. My sisters and younger brother can sing well. According to my aunt, we should pursue our studies first before we enter into our singing career so we did.

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Update about the admin

Summer is the season of my online work. Most of my posts here are schedule. My time is very precious because I am multitasking. My priority is my family. I just gave birth a few months ago and it is now a big challenge on how I manage my work with my family. Continue reading

The Ukulele instrument

Ukulele is a string instrument similar to guitar. However, what makes it different to guitar is that it only composed of four strings and it is smaller. The instrument is associated in Hawaii but it is originated in Portugal. Braguinha and cavaquino was brought by Portuguese sailors in the late 1870s in Hawaii. The natives of Hawaii were amazed with the speed of finger-work of the player that ended up the instrument to be called, “ukulele” which means “jumping flea” in English.

Ukulele instrument


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The Latest in Blogging Platform 2013

The only thing constant in this world is change. For the days passed, there are a lot of things that change and nowadays it seems that changes is very quick just like the changes happening in our popular blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger. So, let’s scrutinize some of its changes:

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Private Swimming Pools in Laguna

Laguna is the place where our national hero, Jose Rizal, was born. However, Laguna is also famous for Pagsanjan Falls, Mount Makiling and hot springs resorts which means that Laguna has too much place to visit and that even private pools are conquered by this province. Here are some of the choices of private pools in Laguna with rates and contact numbers as of 2/22/13.

Note: For more details and inquiries, Please contact them.

1.Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Baños, Laguna.It is a clubhouse subdivision yet also offers packages for private rentals. Good thing is that, this place are known by few people only, you can have your walk-in and pay per head and feel like you have rented the whole place (except for summer season, of course)

Private Pool in Laguna - Lakewood Clubhouse

Private Pool in Laguna – Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Banos Laguna

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Valentines Date Movie 2013

“Te Amo”, “Wo Ai Ni”, “Saranghaeyo”…

Those are just the words where you can simply say to the one you love. However, sometimes, words is not enough to show how special the person is. Treating your loved one to a dinner cruise, watching fireworks together, or simply watching a movie are the things that can be done during Valentines. So, let’s check it out what are the Valentines movie we got here!

Valentines Date Movie list

1. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013). Continue reading

Ways of Selling Online

Living in a world of advances, everybody seems taking an advantage and Christmas is fast approaching, more and more people are searching ways to have extra income – freelance writing, catering, assisting. However, with today’s technology, people get engaged in making money online! Continue reading

Purpose of a Small Business Credit

To have personal debts seem a bad record as an individual but as a businessman, it becomes necessary to the business. There are types of business credits – that could be a business credit card, business credit line, or business loans. Why do you think it is a must to have credits?

  1. A business may need to use credit cards to have credit records especially for new businesses. The creditors become comfortable with the company status because it signifies that a company has a high credit rating. Continue reading

Simple Tips to Improve your Blogging Career

I can still remember the first time I started blogging. The main purpose is just to create a website and learn how it works. Upon reading certain posts about making money online through website and blogging, I got an idea to try if it works.

It is more than two years now when I begun blogging. My first blog is more on personal niche followed by a family, general, finance and now I am planning to continue the entertainment blog. My family blog is my main blog where you can read blog updates almost every day.

Like some successful blog owners, I am happy with the progress of my blogging career. I have experience several blogging opportunities, wonderful events, advertorials and also became a mommy blogger partner.

My simple tips to improve blogging career

– Always publish unique post everyday or at least three times a day.

– Stick to your blog niche or category when creating a post.

– Apply the basic essential blogging tools.

– Make sure that the title of the post is unique and search engine friendly meaning it might be the keyword combination that the user is looking for.

– Proofread your post or check for grammatical and spelling errors. There are times that I do not proofread especially in a quick post like this.

– Arrange the templates or widgets of your blog to a neat design. Avoid putting too many links on the homepage.

– Apply in legitimate websites that offer blogging opportunities.

– Join in blogging network or community. There you can meet bloggers with the same interest and you can exchange certain blogging tips and info.

10 Blogging Essential Tools in Blogger and WordPress

Blogging could be a form of your hobby, writing your sentiments about the adversity of the world, sharing your bliss while travelling, telling your readers how delectable the food you’ve just tasted and etc. However, blogging could not be that entertaining without commentators, and readers. So there are tools that can help us to share our thoughts with the world and to know our blog statistics through the following:

1. Social Media Plugins – one way of increasing your blog traffic. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, there are other social networking sites that can be integrated in your weblog so that readers can also share what they have learned to their friends. You can choose 25 social media plugins at Continue reading

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