Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

Hollywood announced that 2013 will be a year for sequels because the 2012 original films were quite bombed that gave them a costly lesson for producing original films. People are more engaged with the story lines that they already know thus concluding Hollywood that sequel movies are money makers.

And now, could you believe that this summer, there are four sequels that we must watch!

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

1. Iron Man 3 – Be thrilled as Iron Man faces his new enemy, Mandarin , that has 10 rings that grant him unbelievable power. Mandarin has been kidnapping US citizens to turn them to be super soldiers making Iron Man be sad about his living world destroyed by his enemy.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness – This is the second sequel of Star Trek movie about Captain James Kirk, the captain of USS Enterprise, which seeks for the one responsible for massive destruction that is happening in the world.

3. Fast and the Furious 6 – Dominic Toretto and his crew were left in the Fast Five rich. Fast Six is about them unable to return to their homeland because of bad records. To clean their names, they must cooperate with the Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs to turn down an organization led by second-in-command, Letty Ortiz who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Dominic that he thought she’s already dead.

4. The Hangover III – This is about circle of friends where they call “wolf pack”, which gets into trouble when they get drank with Allan Garner. After having trouble with weddings and bachelor party, where they could be the next day they wake up after drinking? Are there roofies or muscle relaxants again?

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9 responses to “Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

  1. Great movie suggestions! Would love to watch Iron Man 3 since I’ve seen 1 and 2 and I loved it. BF is excited for Hangover 3 though.

  2. These sequels are truly interesting. I can’t wait to watch Iron Man 3 and see how the producers will put a twist to the exciting story! 😀

  3. So excited for this week’s showing of Iron MAn3- Startrek and Fast and Furiuos are also interesting

  4. I can’t wait to watch Ironman 3 and the Star Trek movie. Robert Downey Jr is carrying the entire movie franchise and the Avengers movie as well.

  5. Mandarin is one of Ironman’s fiercest opponent, so Ironman 3 looks to be an exciting one to watch.

  6. love to watch ironman 3… it gained a lot of good comments from friends. gotta find time… hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  7. Your review makes me thrilled to keep these movies followed up and later see them one by one. They’re interesting. Thanks for sharing these wonderful movies.

  8. I heard that IronMan 2 storyline is much better than IronMan 3.

  9. Honestly, I don’t care about the other sequels but Iron Man! I feel so bad that I didn’t get to watch on the first day.

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