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Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

Hollywood announced that 2013 will be a year for sequels because the 2012 original films were quite bombed that gave them a costly lesson for producing original films. People are more engaged with the story lines that they already know thus concluding Hollywood that sequel movies are money makers.

And now, could you believe that this summer, there are four sequels that we must watch!

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

1. Iron Man 3 – Be thrilled as Iron Man faces his new enemy, Mandarin , that has 10 rings that grant him unbelievable power. Mandarin has been kidnapping US citizens to turn them to be super soldiers making Iron Man be sad about his living world destroyed by his enemy. Continue reading

The Corrs unplugged – Old Town with Trumpet player

Music has always been a great buddy for me while I work and when I am relaxing. I feel more enthusiastic when I hear music while working. Be it instrumental, classical or even a simple Lullaby it brings joy to my heart.

My children also loves to hear music so I usually play Lullaby songs for them while sleeping. At work, playing “The Corrs” unplugged is one of my favorite.

In the video above the title of the song playing is “Old Town”  by The Corrs, Continue reading

Visita Iglesia Online

For the past months  I have been very busy with motherhood and regular online work. Because of the very tight schedule my travel time is limited. I am thankful that my cousin Janine help me update some articles and post here.

I wish to do my Visita Iglesia this Lenten season with my husband even in one church only and the rest I would like to do it through Visita Iglesia Online at  Continue reading

Singing as a hobby

We are a family of singers. My aunts used to be a professional singer and they have performed to different countries. When we sing, it is very obvious that singing is our talent. My sisters and younger brother can sing well. According to my aunt, we should pursue our studies first before we enter into our singing career so we did.

Continue reading

The Ukulele instrument

Ukulele is a string instrument similar to guitar. However, what makes it different to guitar is that it only composed of four strings and it is smaller. The instrument is associated in Hawaii but it is originated in Portugal. Braguinha and cavaquino was brought by Portuguese sailors in the late 1870s in Hawaii. The natives of Hawaii were amazed with the speed of finger-work of the player that ended up the instrument to be called, “ukulele” which means “jumping flea” in English.

Ukulele instrument


The ukuleles are also called Continue reading

Valentines Date Movie 2013

“Te Amo”, “Wo Ai Ni”, “Saranghaeyo”…

Those are just the words where you can simply say to the one you love. However, sometimes, words is not enough to show how special the person is. Treating your loved one to a dinner cruise, watching fireworks together, or simply watching a movie are the things that can be done during Valentines. So, let’s check it out what are the Valentines movie we got here!

Valentines Date Movie list

1. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013). Continue reading

The Life of Secretary Robredo

Jesse Manalastas Robredo is the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government in the administration of President Benigno III but let’s kindle his life story as for a citizen like me who is not much familiar with politicians. Let’s be truthful about this, we only knew the personality whenever he does good or something bad happen and as for Secretary Robredo’s case, his death is tragic.

Secretary Jesse Robredo life, recognition and death

Secretary Jesse Robredo life, recognition and death, credit: Google image source

Jesse Robredo is born on the Continue reading

Miley Cyrus’ New Haircut 2012

Our dear Hannah Montana finally said goodbye to her topknot hair and exposed her new haircut. The nineteen-year old Miley tweeted that she is “ready for a change” and just this Tuesday she broadcasted, “it’s happening.”

Miley Cyrus New Haircut 2012

Miley Cyrus New Haircut 2012, credit: google image search

Meanwhile, her favourite celeb hairstylist, Chris McMillan shared a photo before the big changes for Miley happens. “Goodbye bun. Stay tuned @NYC”, while holding scissors towards Miley Cyrus’ blonde hair. Continue reading

London Olympic Medal Updates 2012

2012 Summer Olympic Games or commonly known as London 2012 began last July 27 and will carry on until August 12, 2012 which began in London, United Kingdom.

The overall medal count is lead by China where it holds 64 total medals and the game is tight for United States holds 63 medals but US takes the lead before that day. How mind blowing is that? For detailed medal count, here it goes.

Table 1 Gold-based ranking
                          Gold Silver Bronze Total

China                         31       19         14        64
United States         29       15         19        63
Great Britain          18       11          11        40
South Korea           11         5            6         22
France                        8         9             9         26

Table 2 Total-based Ranking Continue reading

Finding Nemo in 3D Movie Showing Schedule

Who would ever forget this computer-animated film, Finding Nemo? An adventure of our overprotective father clownfish, Marlin, is in search of his son Nemo who has small right fin which makes his father be worried in his swimming abilities. While Marlin is finding Nemo, he bumps with a regal tang named Dory with a short term memory loss. Could you imagine how critical their adventure would be? Anyways, this under the sea journey has touched everyone’s heart as it shows about the love of a father to his son. 

Finding Nemo in 3D movie showing

Finding Nemo in 3D movie showing

Finding Nemo in 3D Movie Showing Schedule Continue reading

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