My first Google Adsense Payment

Finally after almost nine months from being a publisher, I received my first payment from Google Adsense. The form of payment that I choose is through Western Union quick cash. When google emailed the payment details, I pick up the payment at a nearby Western Union branch. It is not big but I am contented. The blue link will show you the details on Receiving Google Adsense payment via Western Union here in the Philippines. The photo below is the actual google adsense payment that I received.

google adsense first payment

google adsense first payment

I am so thankful and happy. It is not all about the money but it is the outcome of  my extra hard work online that makes me happy. Through this online earnings, I was able to help other people in different ways I can and I was able to buy my little boy some good educational toys.

Thank you Google and more Power!

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