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Earn money from Blogging

Before I was very curious how bloggers earn money through blogging and now I understand. The most important thing that I have done is to create a blog which I started last March 2010 and in a span of three months I was happy to get good results. Actually blogging is not the easy way to earn money if the user is not active and not taking a broad scope in different ways to earn money. Currently, I have tried a first earning opportunity for my blog by creating a blog entry at blogvertise. I was able to get $20 as my first earnings from blogvertise after a month which I also posted here. Since I have a regular devoted online job which I spent most of my times before doing extra activities online like blogging and updating my website, I only choose certain opportunities that I can handle to have an extra additional income.

Simple Ways to start earning money from Blog:

  1. Create a blog based from your own interest. Be sure to create a blog title and category that you are really interested in so you can create many post or topics in your blog.
  2. Always create a blog post at least three times a week or it would be best if you can create a post daily so your blog will always be updated good points for page rank.
  3. When you create a blog post, it would be best to create an update or continuation of the blog post that you recently created and link the new post to the older post.
  4. Page rank and traffic rank is very important for earning opportunities in a blog so better always update your blog.
  5. You should create an account with paypal because most earning opportunities require paypal account for payment transactions.
  6. When you have established a good traffic approximately after a month, you may apply as a publisher in some advertisements and there you may earn depending on the terms of the company.
  7. After three months, possibly you may get a page rank and if you have a page rank you may apply for some paid reviews and other earning opportunities online.
  8. Lastly, you may earn from your blog by joining Blog contest. Always wish for your luck.

These are only some of my simple ways on how I started earning from my blog since I do this as an extra activity online. The more time you spent on the internet, the bigger earning potentials you may have online.

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