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“Being the best at everything we do is what drives me personally and professionally each day” – Steven Aaron


Stevens Transport is a freight carrier in Mesquite, Texas and in Dallas, Texas. Steve Aaron, the Chief Executive Officer of Steven Transports, founded a future refrigerated trucking empire in 1980 only with a small fleet, three commercial vehicles, and six dedicated owners/operators. The business started from scratch.


Steven Transport has an amazing transportations and logistics services. Administrative tasks are done in a new-age 80,000 sq ft office administration building, mechanical tasks for equipment assets are fixed in a 170,000 sq ft on the maintenance facility, transportation tasks are done at the driver training school known as Stevens Transport Driving Academy having truck driving jobs with training. It is a very good offer for the employee and for the client, assuring that the services offered of Stevens Transport is safe and secured. It houses comfortable driver’s lounge, a full-service medical facility, and a Fuel Department to educate the drivers. The business grows enormously from its humble beginnings.


In present time, Steven Transports is noticed as the North America’s premier transporter. Its specialties are temperature controlled intermodal transportation, full longhaul over-the-road trucking, dedicated fleet operations, and third party logistics. No wonder that is valued as a logistic leader in a numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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