Private Swimming Pools in Laguna

Laguna is the place where our national hero, Jose Rizal, was born. However, Laguna is also famous for Pagsanjan Falls, Mount Makiling and hot springs resorts which means that Laguna has too much place to visit and that even private pools are conquered by this province. Here are some of the choices of private pools in Laguna with rates and contact numbers as of 2/22/13.

Note: For more details and inquiries, Please contact them.

1.Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Baños, Laguna.It is a clubhouse subdivision yet also offers packages for private rentals. Good thing is that, this place are known by few people only, you can have your walk-in and pay per head and feel like you have rented the whole place (except for summer season, of course)

Private Pool in Laguna - Lakewood Clubhouse

Private Pool in Laguna – Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Banos Laguna

Private Pool in Laguna – Lakewood Clubhouse rates:

Entrance Fee for 12 hours
Weekend – P75.00/head
Weekday – P65.00/head
Entrance Fee for 24 hours
Weekend – PhP 135.00/head
Weekday – PhP 100.00/head
Private Villa
For 12 hours – PhP 1500.00
For 24 hours – PhP 2500.00
Package Rates for Exclusive Use
For 12 hours – PhP 25,000.00 (50pax)
For 12 hours – PhP 28,800.00 (100 pax)
For 12 hours – PhP 32,550.00 (150 pax)
For 24 hours – PhP 42,000.00 (50pax)
For 24 hours – PhP 45,800.00 (100 pax)
For 24 hours – PhP 49,550.00 (150 pax)
Lakewood Clubhouse – Contact Number: 
Text them with the following format:1. Name
2. Inquired Resorts
3. Number of Persons
4. Date and Time of Arrival and Departure
5. Your Message

2. Laguna’s Little Paradise, Calamba, Laguna. Wanted to take a sight of Mount Makiling while refreshing your mind from the sound of Natural Spring Water? Then, this is a place that you’ve been looking for!

Private Pool in Laguna - Laguna Little Paradise

Private Pool in Laguna – Laguna’s Little Paradise, Calamba Laguna

Sleeping Capacity 20-25 guests
Dining Capacity 35 guests
Swimming Capacity 35 guests
Package Rates for Exclusive Use
12 hours weekdays – PhP 12,000
12 hours weekends – PhP 12,000 
24 hours weekdays – PhP 18,000
24 hours weekends – P20,000

Laguna’s Little Paradise Telephone/ Contact Numbers:

Telphone Nos. :
(+632) 254-22-63
(+632) 254-22-48

Mobile Nos. :

Fax No. :
(+632) 252-55-37

Email Address:

3.  Palmridge Resort, Pansol, Laguna. Everyone knows about Pansol when talking about private pools as they conveniently offers affordable packages. However, when you want to feel the Pansol craze with much relaxing ambience, Palmridge is the answer!

Private pool in Laguna - Palmridge

Private pool in Laguna – Palmridge resort, Pansol, Laguna

Package Rates for Exclusive Use (30 guests)
Day slot 8am – 5pm  Off-Peak – PhP 7,000
Day slot 8am – 5pm Peak Season – PhP 8,000
Overnight 7pm – 7am Off-Peak – PhP 8,000
Overnight 7pm – 7am Peak Season – PhP 9,000
24 hours Off Peak – P15,000
24 hours Peak Season – P17,000
Videoke Rental – P700
Wifi – free

Palmridge Resort Contact Numbers:

Purok 1, Bgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna

Globe Lines: (0917) 500-1141
(0917) 677-7785
Sun Cellular: (0932) 860-3455

Manila Line: (02) 925-2348
(02) 546-9722

Laguna lines: (049) 576-9320
(049) 834-1011


So, book now for summer season is getting nearer!
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12 responses to “Private Swimming Pools in Laguna

  1. There’s a lot of nice resort in Pansol and also really affordable.

  2. i live in laguna and grew up here! i’ve know all the resortrs here haha nice to know all about this and be sure to owe a visit when i come in philippines! xx

  3. That place looks like a good place to visit especially during the summer when the heat gets intense, within budget too.

  4. I’ve been to Lakewood Clubhouse a couple of times and I can attest the place is great.

  5. Wow! Nice swimming pool. This is great for a relaxing summer.

  6. This post is perfect to suggest for summer getaways. When Mom and my family members ask where to go for vacation, I can send this address to them.

  7. Just in time for summer!. Love the resorts in Pansol. But I think, if ever budget and time permits me, will try out resorts at other parts of Laguna 🙂

  8. This is really good for the summer and I’ve never been to Laguna, might as well try to visit the place. 🙂

  9. wow, the place have so relaxing ambiance, very peaceful. i wish i was in that place. this place is great for this coming summer vacation!

  10. I was amazed upon seeing the Lakewood Clubhouse swimming pool. I hope the real thing is as good or better than the photo. The pools seems wide and the view is also very nice!

  11. If looking for private pools, Pansol is the perfect place. We’ve been to Pansol many times but haven’t been to these private pools you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Laguna is one of the best destination for summer activities. It is better to book as early as now to avoid the crowd. The Lakewood Clubhouse looks very good!

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