The Latest in Blogging Platform 2013

The only thing constant in this world is change. For the days passed, there are a lot of things that change and nowadays it seems that changes is very quick just like the changes happening in our popular blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger. So, let’s scrutinize some of its changes:

WordPress 3.5 was released last December 2012 and I’ve read a lot of good reviews about the convenience and how organize the workplace is for WordPress. To be specific, what are the new?

• Do you believe that it is easier to interpret your posts when there is an image without reading its content? Because of that, inserting image in your blog is now trouble-free because it has edit screen. Moreover, Imagick is the default engine which gives good quality for resized image. The media uploader is also now systematic. Plus giving you the convenience of “drag and drop” for organizing.

• The new plugin called “Last Modified Footer” lets you know when was your site modified (date/time)

• Embedding (adding third parties on your site) is much easier. Aside from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, sites like Instagram, Soundcloud, and Slideshare is the new addition for embedding/ It is as easy as pasting the URL.


• Since Blogger is empowered by Google, everything seems easy as 1-2-3 as all products of Google is interconnected to your blog thus making it easy for Blogger platform users to share their latest updates. By clicking the share button, you can mention someone simply by typing “+” and their name.

• Picnic has shut down yet the good news for Blogger users is that there is a Creative-Kit to edit images for your site. By simply going to Google+ profile, click the Photos section and go to the Albums to choose what picture you want to edit and giving you the experience just like what you had in Picnic.

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