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Simple tips on buying a domain and web-hosting

I really wanted to add more informative articles on my online opportunities journey here but lately I was having a problem with my fingertips and hands because of over work. Aside from my regular work online, I am also a hands-on mom with my little toddler so whenever he needs me I have to pause from my online work and prioritize him.

Anyway since I have encountered online friends asking about domains and web-hosting, I will share a simple tips on how I manage my domain and webhosting since my first domain and web-hosting is already one-year old.

Tips on buying a domain and web-hosting:

  • Purchase domain names to a well known legitimate company like godaddy and network solutions. In my first domain name purchased, I decided to buy the domain name in a local company here in the Philippines since I also purchased also their web-hosting services. It is a Filipino owned company http://www.web.com.ph and I must say that they have a very good service with its online support, email support and they will really keep you updated. The payment procedure and options is very easy to follow.
  • Before you purchase a domain name, search for any discount coupon and promos before finalizing the purchase. In my second domain which is the jemimahonline.com, I bought the domain from godaddy.com and I search for a discount coupon before I purchase. I have a 20% discount from the actual price of the domain. you may just search for the discount coupon and try if it works because sometimes the discount coupons expires.
  • If you really wanted to pursue a long engagement with your website domain, you better purchased it in three or five years. According to the web design book that I have read, search engines especially google gives importance to domains with long years of existence but of course the contents of the website gives a big impact. Currently, I only purchased my domain in one year but I will be renewing it in two years before the expiration since I now love blogging and web design.
  • About web-hosting services before purchasing a web-hosting service, I suggest you should ask the company for a free web-hosting trial first usually a 7-day free trial so you can experience their web-hosting service and their customer support. Better communicate with their support if they are responsive.
  • For web-hosting service, I suggest you choose the standard option first for an annual web-hosting service since you are just starting out and you may easily request for an account upgrade.

So there you go I am done with my sharing for tonight, I have some blisters on my fingertips and hopefully I can find a very comfortable ergonomic mouse before my birthday comes. It is actually a gift for myself to at least pamper my fingers and hand while I am at work.

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