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In demand College Courses 2013

Choosing your field to take for college is a little confusing when considering: the job you will get into, the compensation that awaits you after graduation, and the law of supply and demand when the time you graduated. Of course, you would not want to be unemployed for so long so you need to be logical and wise. What are the courses that will be in demand for this coming school year in the Philippines? Let us check it out!

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Beautiful Wall Fountain Décor

Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas, Trevi Fountain of Italy, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of South Korea, and Wealth Fountain of Singapore… those are just some of the famous fountains all over the world that amuse us every time we see this superb architecture. However, if you are the type of person that finds being near water seems soothing and magical because of the running water you hear and the relaxation it does to our nerve, why not try to bring it into home? I mean, with the technological advances of today, everything seems possible.

The scenario is not something like the water will boost up from your ground to your roof top and will be like a boomerang that will clutter on your floor and will have house flood, because what I am referring to is the wall water fountain.

Wall fountains are electricity-powered and are mostly made up of stones, fiber glass, and concrete. Unlike man-made outdoor fountains that goes up for the show, wall fountain is inspired by nature fountains that water drips down. The wall fountain water cascades down on a flat surface that is sending us a tranquil environment.

From the page of Soothing Wall, it gives me a suggestion of my ideal wall water fountain. The floor of our house is marble, most of our furniture are made up of wood, and our kitchen will be replaced sooner into stainless steel that considers me of choosing Inspiration Falls wall fountains. Perfect for our house!

Inspiration Falls Water Wall Fountain

Inspiration Falls Water Wall Fountain

Morever, I also check the features like watts of halogen lights, dimmer switch, change of fountain sizes, the installment of the fountain, the circulating pump, and I prefer more the vertical/portrait type. Horizontal type is just like picture frames in my view and I find the portrait more stunning.

Choosing wall water fountain has all its consideration, make sure what you choose is not off to your office or to your house. How about you, what is your ideal wall water fountain?

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Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

Hollywood announced that 2013 will be a year for sequels because the 2012 original films were quite bombed that gave them a costly lesson for producing original films. People are more engaged with the story lines that they already know thus concluding Hollywood that sequel movies are money makers.

And now, could you believe that this summer, there are four sequels that we must watch!

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Movies to Watch this Summer 2013

1. Iron Man 3 – Be thrilled as Iron Man faces his new enemy, Mandarin , that has 10 rings that grant him unbelievable power. Mandarin has been kidnapping US citizens to turn them to be super soldiers making Iron Man be sad about his living world destroyed by his enemy. Continue reading

List of Private Pools in Metro Manila

It is so wonderful to celebrate summer with our family having picnic, swimming, excursion and other fun bonding activities. Let me share some lists of private pools in Metro Manila that are good to consider for family swimming bonding.

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Private Swimming Pool or Resort in Batangas

1. Puesto del Sol, Calatagan, Batangas. Be peaceful near Calatagan Hills through checking in at the exclusive resort of Puerto del Sol.


Casa Isabel
11,700 overnight – good for 6
650 per additional head – max of 8 pax

Casa Cecilia
8,500 overnight – good for couples
650 per additional head – max of 4 pax

Deluxe Villas Deluxe A & B
5,880 overnight – good for four. 650 per additional head – max of 6

Other costs:
Aircon for Deluxe Villas – additional Php 200 per day
Lighthouse Trip – Php 100 per trip
Mangrove Tour – Php 200 per trip exclusive of entrance fee (Php 100)
Beach Trip – Php 100 per trip



Mobile: 0918-656-8482 (Look for Marife)

Address: Brgy. Bagong Silang Calatagan, Batangas

2. Los Balcones, Nasugbu Batangas. Jetskiing, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, guitar and keyboard playing… those are just some of the activities that Los Balcones can offer. It is located at Tali Beach, the closest clean water beach destination at the south of Manila.

Los Balcones

Los Balcones, Nasugbu Batangas


LOS BALCONES HOUSE RENTAL (5 Bedrooms) Maximum of 18 persons (additional of P500 in excess of 18 pax)

Weekdays – Php 30,800/ overnight**

Weekends – Php 36,960/ overnight **

(Food & Beverage corkage included)



Mobile: 0918-910-1011 (Look for Ike)

Landline: 02-775-9104

Address: Blk 10 Lot 15 Outlook Drive
Tali Beach Subdivision Nasugbu Batangas 4224 Philippines

3.  Blue Coral Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas.  Let your eyes be filled with the sight of coconut trees at Blue Coral as the resort let you have the feel of escaping from the urban life to the island ambience!

Blue Coral Beach Resort

Blue Coral Beach Resort

Visit their website for the rates and other info at



Telefax: [632] 559.9747 | 559.9754

[632] 567.4376 | 986.8668

Office Address: 1209-B Alpha Grandview M.H. Del Pilar, Malate Manila

4. Matabungkay Beach Resort, Lian Batangas. 2 hours away from Alabang, have a relaxing experience at Matabungkay. Matabungkay is not a private resort, however, because it is a hotel vicinity that makes people feel like having a private experience – luxurious yet affordable!


Deluxe Room P3,500. Air-conditioned room with cable TV, mini bar, private veranda and maximum of 3 persons.

Deluxe Suite P 5,600. Air-conditioned room with cable TV, mini bar, lounge, hot and cold shower, IDD/NDD phone and maximum of 3 persons.

Family P4,700. One bedroom suite with queen size bed, cable TV, mini bar, living room, private veranda, hot and cold shower, and maximum of 4 persons.

Superior Family P5,900. Two bedroom suite with queen size bed, cable TV, mini bar, living room, private veranda, hot and cold shower, and maximum of 6 persons.

Beachside Villa P4,800. Air-conditioned room with attic bedroom with queen size bed, spacious, living room and veranda, maximum of 6 persons.



Sun: 0933-337-7539

Globe: 0917-777-7543

Smart: 0929-444-4333

5. Property Rental, Cuenca Batangas.Renting a one whole place are common for barkada trips who want to enjoy the one night stay where they can get wild! For only P3,985, the 25 pax can be accomodated. Near beach, airconditioned rooms, 24/7 electric power!

photo credits:, LOS BALCONES

The Latest in Blogging Platform 2013

The only thing constant in this world is change. For the days passed, there are a lot of things that change and nowadays it seems that changes is very quick just like the changes happening in our popular blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger. So, let’s scrutinize some of its changes:

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Private Swimming Pools in Laguna

Laguna is the place where our national hero, Jose Rizal, was born. However, Laguna is also famous for Pagsanjan Falls, Mount Makiling and hot springs resorts which means that Laguna has too much place to visit and that even private pools are conquered by this province. Here are some of the choices of private pools in Laguna with rates and contact numbers as of 2/22/13.

Note: For more details and inquiries, Please contact them.

1.Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Baños, Laguna.It is a clubhouse subdivision yet also offers packages for private rentals. Good thing is that, this place are known by few people only, you can have your walk-in and pay per head and feel like you have rented the whole place (except for summer season, of course)

Private Pool in Laguna - Lakewood Clubhouse

Private Pool in Laguna – Lakewood Clubhouse, Los Banos Laguna

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Valentines Date Movie 2013

“Te Amo”, “Wo Ai Ni”, “Saranghaeyo”…

Those are just the words where you can simply say to the one you love. However, sometimes, words is not enough to show how special the person is. Treating your loved one to a dinner cruise, watching fireworks together, or simply watching a movie are the things that can be done during Valentines. So, let’s check it out what are the Valentines movie we got here!

Valentines Date Movie list

1. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013). Continue reading

Ways of Selling Online

Living in a world of advances, everybody seems taking an advantage and Christmas is fast approaching, more and more people are searching ways to have extra income – freelance writing, catering, assisting. However, with today’s technology, people get engaged in making money online! Continue reading

10 Blogging Essential Tools in Blogger and WordPress

Blogging could be a form of your hobby, writing your sentiments about the adversity of the world, sharing your bliss while travelling, telling your readers how delectable the food you’ve just tasted and etc. However, blogging could not be that entertaining without commentators, and readers. So there are tools that can help us to share our thoughts with the world and to know our blog statistics through the following:

1. Social Media Plugins – one way of increasing your blog traffic. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, there are other social networking sites that can be integrated in your weblog so that readers can also share what they have learned to their friends. You can choose 25 social media plugins at Continue reading

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