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Merging This Blog Soon

This is just a quick post. Sooner, I will be merging this blog into my other blog. It is because my schedule is so tight and I do not want to miss my kids growing up stage.

My first plan is to get a contributor for my blog but my final decision is to merge it with my other site so I could still post under this niche.

Happy Thursday!

Securing my blog sites

Thankfully I was able to backup my wordpress database and changed all the default username to a different one to make it more secured. Just a few minutes ago my main blog was redirected to a different website. I was really worried so I am finding more ways to secure all my sites.

I am done with changing all the default username. Now my next move is to Lock down WordPress admin access with .htaccess, Scan website for hacks, check Google Safe Browsing, and Setup CloudFlare DNS level protection. I will do this one by one and eventually I will share how I do it.

Meanwhile, I will be preparing my post for all my sites and I wish to seek help with my contributor.

Doing backup

Currently I am doing back-up because my notebook computer seems to show signs that windows need repair or re-installation.

I was not able to complete my online work today. I will finish saving and transfering files to my mobile HDD so that when the computer crashed, I will not be having problems with back-up data.

Doing back-up is a timely process and I need yo carefully check the data to make sure that I do not missed any important files.

I just wish that I can make it through the day so hubby can repair the windows and I can finish my online work.

Quick update

It’s been months when I posted on this blog. I have been very busy but now I have plans of scheduling my posts. Like what I’ve mentioned in my main blog, I have been preoccupied for our home improvement and also with the season of my work.

Now is a great time to update my blogs and continue my writing plans. With one kid and a baby, most of the times I keep on taking care of them and I love being a mom. Sometimes I am thinking if I can still update this blog but we’ll see with my new plans. I miss publishing here.

Update about the admin

Summer is the season of my online work. Most of my posts here are schedule. My time is very precious because I am multitasking. My priority is my family. I just gave birth a few months ago and it is now a big challenge on how I manage my work with my family. Continue reading

Successfully transferred to a new web hosting

I decided to transfer the web hosting of this blog to a new web host which is cheaper  (green hosting) through my fellow PMC Mommy Ruby. After four days of being inaccessible of my site now it is back to good loading.

I would still be arranging some links here and I am excited to create new post. Thanks to some of my readers who emailed me that they are waiting for more of my post.  I have many more helpful post to come so stay tuned.

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