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My 7th proof of payment from adgitize

I received my 7th payment from Adgitize today for the month of February which cost $13.70. Today I also decided to advertise my other site with adgitize because it really contributes good traffic in my blog. The payment that I earned from Adgitize is the amount that I also used to advertise with them. It is just like I am advertising my site for free.

adgitize payment paypal

7th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

My adgitize third proof of payment

Two days ago I received my adgitize third payment sent to my paypal account. Although the are a few days that I skipped to adgitize, I regularly adgitize in week days. Adgitize has been a great big help in my blog promotion and also help increase my traffic. The earnings that I received from adgitize is the amount that I use to advertise my blog in their program which cost $14 a month so it is just like a free advertising for me. I am planning to advertise my other sites but I have to reach my target earnings first before the end of the year.

proof of payment from adgitize

My third proof of payment from Adgitize

Other adgitize proof of payment:

My adgitize second proof of payment

My adgitize first proof of payment


Adgitize second proof of payment

This is my second adgitize payment that I received directly from my paypal account. Adgitize usually sent the payment on the 10th day of the month. There are a few days that I was not able to adgitize that is why I only reach $13.90 but if I completely adgitize the whole month for 30 days I would get $15.  Anyway, I am still happy with my earning from adgitize because I will use it to continue my advertisement with them. Below is the screen shot of my adgitize second proof of payment.

Adgitize proof of payment

Adgitize Second proof of payment

My First Adgitize payment proof

I started as an adgitize publisher last June and July then I became an advertiser last August. In my first two months I have earned less than $10 as an adgitize publisher so I waited for my earnings to reach $10 because it is the minimum amount for paypal transaction payments in adgitize. When I decided to be an advertiser, my earnings becomes bigger and I was so happy with the traffic that my blog is getting.  I would suggest that if you have a blog and would like to increase your traffic and promote your new site, adgitize is recommended. I have already created a post about how you can earn in adgitize as a publisher and as an advertiser.

Here is my First Proof of payment from Adgitize:

first adgitize proof of payment

First Adgitize Payment Aug 2010

It is not that big but with these little earnings, you can buy a domain, web hosting or even a chocolate.

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