The Corrs unplugged – Old Town with Trumpet player

Music has always been a great buddy for me while I work and when I am relaxing. I feel more enthusiastic when I hear music while working. Be it instrumental, classical or even a simple Lullaby it brings joy to my heart.

My children also loves to hear music so I usually play Lullaby songs for them while sleeping. At work, playing “The Corrs” unplugged is one of my favorite.

In the video above the title of the song playing is “Old Town”  by The Corrs, I very much like the arrangement of music with a cute lively trumpet playing. If you like playing trumpets, there are trumpets for sale that you can save with bigger discounts. I plan to enroll my little boy in a music class and learn some musical instruments like piano and trumpet. I will do that after the major project that I am working on this year.

Video credit: Th3lnah from youtube

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