In demand College Courses 2013

Choosing your field to take for college is a little confusing when considering: the job you will get into, the compensation that awaits you after graduation, and the law of supply and demand when the time you graduated. Of course, you would not want to be unemployed for so long so you need to be logical and wise. What are the courses that will be in demand for this coming school year in the Philippines? Let us check it out!

In demand College Courses 2013

1. Information Technology –The Philippines ranked third in the top 100 global outsourcing destinations by Tholons (Source: Manila Bulletin) thus making IT still in demand course. IT as a branch of engineering that dole out about computers and telecommunications. The future job for the students who take this course would be: network manager, web developer, business intelligence analyst, technical support representative.

2. Sales and Marketing – is about selling and promoting the services, products, goods of a business. Because of the expansion of manufacturing companies in the Philippines, more and more employers need people to advertise and publicize their business where you can be an accounta manager, sales representative, advertising producer, or event coordinator.

3. Accountancy – there are lot of businesses that are like mushrooms continuing to sprout – be in BGC, Makati, Ortigas, Manila, and even Quezon City! Any kind of business is always associated with numbers and let your financial matter be kept by your accountant. Other than that, you could be a financial analyst, external auditor, payroll manager, or a corporate accountant.

4. Business Management – this is where you get to systematize, plan the company’s activities and further study the outcome and improve. As said a while ago, more and more businesses will expand that will need management analyst, team leader, organizational change manager, or economist.

in conclusion, Filipinos and investors are driven to put up a business here in Philippines because of its good economic status. Most likely, the practicality to take up courses related to business will be very much delighted to be employed as much as possible.

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