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Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas, Trevi Fountain of Italy, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of South Korea, and Wealth Fountain of Singapore… those are just some of the famous fountains all over the world that amuse us every time we see this superb architecture. However, if you are the type of person that finds being near water seems soothing and magical because of the running water you hear and the relaxation it does to our nerve, why not try to bring it into home? I mean, with the technological advances of today, everything seems possible.

The scenario is not something like the water will boost up from your ground to your roof top and will be like a boomerang that will clutter on your floor and will have house flood, because what I am referring to is the wall water fountain.

Wall fountains are electricity-powered and are mostly made up of stones, fiber glass, and concrete. Unlike man-made outdoor fountains that goes up for the show, wall fountain is inspired by nature fountains that water drips down. The wall fountain water cascades down on a flat surface that is sending us a tranquil environment.

From the page of Soothing Wall, it gives me a suggestion of my ideal wall water fountain. The floor of our house is marble, most of our furniture are made up of wood, and our kitchen will be replaced sooner into stainless steel that considers me of choosing Inspiration Falls wall fountains. Perfect for our house!

Inspiration Falls Water Wall Fountain

Inspiration Falls Water Wall Fountain

Morever, I also check the features like watts of halogen lights, dimmer switch, change of fountain sizes, the installment of the fountain, the circulating pump, and I prefer more the vertical/portrait type. Horizontal type is just like picture frames in my view and I find the portrait more stunning.

Choosing wall water fountain has all its consideration, make sure what you choose is not off to your office or to your house. How about you, what is your ideal wall water fountain?

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