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Blog Post Planning

To my dear readers here, sorry I was not able to update this for a couple of months. Now, I am planning what’s best for this site since I have been so busy with my family.

I think I am going to seek help to Continue reading

Standard features of coreftp

Using ftp is very helpful in uploading and downloading files to your website or computer from your site. I have been using this for three years but a few months ago when my notebook computer was malfunctioning, I have stopped using this. Now that my notebook computer is up, I installed the coreftp.

The standard features of coreftp are: Continue reading

Updated WordPress3.6.1

WordPress just recently released the latest  update which is WordPress 3.6.1 version. According to the maintenance and security release, the 3.6.1. Version 3.6.1 addressed some security issues and fixed 13 bugs.  Continue reading

The Latest in Blogging Platform 2013

The only thing constant in this world is change. For the days passed, there are a lot of things that change and nowadays it seems that changes is very quick just like the changes happening in our popular blogging platform like WordPress and Blogger. So, let’s scrutinize some of its changes:

WordPress Continue reading

Simple Tips to Improve your Blogging Career

I can still remember the first time I started blogging. The main purpose is just to create a website and learn how it works. Upon reading certain posts about making money online through website and blogging, I got an idea to try if it works.

It is more than two years now when I begun blogging. My first blog is more on personal niche followed by a family, general, finance and now I am planning to continue the entertainment blog. My family blog is my main blog where you can read blog updates almost every day.

Like some successful blog owners, I am happy with the progress of my blogging career. I have experience several blogging opportunities, wonderful events, advertorials and also became a mommy blogger partner.

My simple tips to improve blogging career

– Always publish unique post everyday or at least three times a day.

– Stick to your blog niche or category when creating a post.

– Apply the basic essential blogging tools.

– Make sure that the title of the post is unique and search engine friendly meaning it might be the keyword combination that the user is looking for.

– Proofread your post or check for grammatical and spelling errors. There are times that I do not proofread especially in a quick post like this.

– Arrange the templates or widgets of your blog to a neat design. Avoid putting too many links on the homepage.

– Apply in legitimate websites that offer blogging opportunities.

– Join in blogging network or community. There you can meet bloggers with the same interest and you can exchange certain blogging tips and info.

10 Blogging Essential Tools in Blogger and WordPress

Blogging could be a form of your hobby, writing your sentiments about the adversity of the world, sharing your bliss while travelling, telling your readers how delectable the food you’ve just tasted and etc. However, blogging could not be that entertaining without commentators, and readers. So there are tools that can help us to share our thoughts with the world and to know our blog statistics through the following:

1. Social Media Plugins – one way of increasing your blog traffic. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, there are other social networking sites that can be integrated in your weblog so that readers can also share what they have learned to their friends. You can choose 25 social media plugins at Continue reading

Online marketing solutions

Online marketing is now the popular medium in marketing and driving traffic to different businesses. Levant digital is one of the company that offers such services with strategic search engine optimization services and tools that elevates your business.

middle eastern ppc management
middle eastern ppc management

The services of Levant Digital  are middle eastern ppc managementsocial media, crisis communication, SEO optiomization, conversion optimization and media buying.  It is said that it stands out from the rest because Levant Digital is able to offer the very best in SEO, PPC Management, Social Media and website design to all their clients in the Middle East.

middle eastern ppc management
middle eastern ppc management

The ppc management has a marketing strategy that provides the best value and return of investment. I have read from their website that they have experience in hundred of industries which makes them create effective marketing strategies with their knowledge and expertise in these field.

Some of the range of the Levant digital PPC management services are research and analysis of your industry and competitors, Ad copy creation, testing and implementation, 24/7 campaign tracking, Custom reporting tools and analytics, Access to conversion numbers and campaign ROI, and a lot more. Regarding tools technology, they have advanced technology that tracks entire campaign, including impressions, clicks, conversions, sales and phone leads. With the PPC technology, clients and analysts can monitor the real-time campaign progress which makes it very accessible if there will be instant changes to adapt the campaign to the latest market conditions.

This can be consider as an excellent marketing company for your business  to provide effective marketing solutions.

List of Internet service provider in the Philippines

These days, more and more people are getting hook with internet surfing – some for online gaming, researching, blogging, social networking, extra income money earning and a lot more! But do even people know how they get connected to the web? Before, we used to complain about the slow connection through dial-up but right now, since our world is evolving, everything is set to be fast and so upon researching, here are some of the useful information for deciding if you are going to switch your ISPs or remain loyal to your provider.

List of Internet service provider in the Philippines with type of ISP, bandwidth and price as of March 2012. Continue reading

Increase your website traffic by URL submission to search engines

Traffic sources is important for a website to be  known and visited by people searching on the web. There are different traffic sources that a website can have such as search engines, social networking and other referrals.

If you have a new website, it is recommended to add the URL of your website to the main search engines which are google, bing and yahoo.  You can also submit the url to Dmoz which is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web.

Creating blog sites are now getting popular. With blog, the fresh and new information can be easily be uploaded and shared on the web. Some are using their blog to monetize and earn.

But, how can a blog or a website owner monetize their site?

Tips to monetize your website

Let me share some list of where to register or submit your blog / website to increase the traffic of your site.

Increase your website traffic by URL submission to search engines (Register your blog/ website to search engines)


Normally it would take days or weeks for your website to be indexed in search engines. You can monitor the traffic sources of your site by installing web analytics such as google analytics or statcounter then look for the visitors link activity.

I hope this helps to those who are asking me about monetizing their website.

Steps to connect your domain and web host

Some people are wondering on how to connect domain and web host. The process of connecting your domain and web host depends on where you bought the domain. There are companies that when you bought a domain and web host together  they will be the one to connect the domain and web host. But what if you bought a domain from a different company and you wanted to have web hosting in another company? You will have to connect manually your domain and webhost.

Important thing you need before connecting your domain and web host: Know The name servers that your web hosting company provided you with. They can be found usually in the welcome email after you bought the web hosting or you can just simply request for it.

Steps to connect your domain and web host

  1. Login to your domain register’s website.
  2. Go to domain management or manage domain.
  3. Under nameservers, go to set name servers or change name servers.  If you are using goddady as domain register’s website then choose ” I have specific nameservers for my domains”.
  4. Provide your web hosting name servers at name server 1 and name server 2. Usually there is  default name server 1 and name server 2 make sure to change it to your web hosting name servers.
  5. Click save.

After changing the name servers, you have to wait for the DNS propagation period. The DNS propagation period varies and normally it would take 12-24 hours. The default page that you can view is temporarily pointing to your domain register’s website but after the propagation is complete it will be pointing to your web host. In my experience, the time it takes for the DNS propagation completed was about four hours.

After the DNS propagation, it is now your turn to create and update your website. I remember when I started creating a website, I used to watch videos on how to build a website.

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