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How to get adgitize widgets/codes for your blog or web site as a publisher

How to get adgitize widgets/ codes  for your blog or web site as a publisher

  1. After you logged in to your adgitize account, you should add your blog or web site by clicking on Member’s Lounge then  at the bottom part under Publishers you should click on Manage Blogs or Get Code.
  2. Add a blog by clicking “Add a Blog” as shown below. Make sure you fill up the necessary information when adding a blog especially the Blog RSS feed because if it is incorrect your blog post will not be counted for points.
    How to add a blog in adgitize image
    Click on Add a blog
  3. To get a widgets/ codes to be inserted in your site, you should click on “Get code” under the blog name of your choice.

    Get a code widget from adgitize

    Click on Get a code

  4. Choose an Ad size. You can choose the ad size by viewing first what the ad size may look like  putting the mouse over the link then click on the link to get the code. Remember that only 10 adgitize ads are only allowed in a page. It may be two separate ad blocs but limit the number of ads to a total of ten.

    Adgitize ad size

    Mouse over the link to see the ad size

  5. Copy the code to your blog or web site.

    Final step in adgitize getting a code

    Copy code to you blog or web site

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