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Adgitize refund payment

As expected due to the closing of Adgitize, they already sent a refund to my paypal account. It was a portion of the fund that I have not consume for advertising because they already closed last December 31,2011. They are really fair and honest website.  I still remember when I started as a publisher then became an advertiser.

Through adgitize, I was able to explore the blogosphere in times whenI was so newbie and innocent. Through this Adgitize network, I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers who voluntarily shared their experiences in blogging and life’s lesson from the personal blogs. I hope there will be other systems like Adgitize which is simple, fair, honest and most importantly friendly to all.

Thank you so much Adgitize! And I wish that the administrators of Adgitize may find good luck and more blessings.

Adgitize is closing and what to expect in the next 30 days

A few hours ago I received an email from Ken Brown (the founder and owner of Adgitize) with a subject “Adgitize to Close”. I was surprise and sadly it is true. I have been a member of Adgitize since last year and I was happy to knew a lot of bloggers through the adgitize network ADS. I can still remember my first proof of payment from Adgitize that I posted here and a couple of payments followed every month.

From the letter, Here are things on what to expect over the next 30 days from Adgitize: (I just summarize it)

  • Beginning on December 27th, 2011, you will not be able to open any new accounts. – Ability to create or renew any ads will be shut down.
  • On January 1st, 2012, Adgitize will officially stop showing ads and all member publishers will NOT receive revenue for any Adgitize Ads shown. If you had an ad running with them they will refund a prorated portion of your ad price.
  • Payouts for publishers and affiliates for the month of December will run on the normal schedule and should be complete by January 10th, 2012.
  • Except for those requesting checks which won’t be processed until January 12th, 2012.
  • Expect all services and websites to be taken out of service by January 31st, 2012. If you have not given Adgitize a proper payment method to send your earnings by that date then there will be no way to make payment to you and you will forfeit those earnings.
  • Adgitize members will stop receiving points and revenues from them after December 31, 2011 so it only means that members should remove all Adgitize Ad Groups from all blogs before or after the said date.

You can still communicate with Adgitize over the next 31 days through the Adgitize contact us link, the forum or the blog comment section. They will be monitoring each of those communication methods until the web site is shut down.

My 7th proof of payment from adgitize

I received my 7th payment from Adgitize today for the month of February which cost $13.70. Today I also decided to advertise my other site with adgitize because it really contributes good traffic in my blog. The payment that I earned from Adgitize is the amount that I also used to advertise with them. It is just like I am advertising my site for free.

adgitize payment paypal

7th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

My Adgitize 6th Proof of Payment

Today I received my sixth payment from adgitize as an advertiser and publisher for January 2011 in my paypal account. The amount is $13.39 and I will be using this fund to advertise again with my blog.

payment in paypal from adgitize Filipino

6th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

Got my Affiliate earnings from adgitize

I am so happy that I already got an affiliate earnings from adgitize. I have earned $1.00 for the monthly Ad bonus and $5.00 for the first ad bonus. I think it has something to do with my post about Make Money with Adgitize because it is a detailed step by step ways on how to get started in Adgitize.

Currently, I am not that active with other online opportunities but I keep myself active with adgitizing after my online work. I think I need to update writing for review stream because I haven’t reach the minimum payment of $50 yet.

My adgitize third proof of payment

Two days ago I received my adgitize third payment sent to my paypal account. Although the are a few days that I skipped to adgitize, I regularly adgitize in week days. Adgitize has been a great big help in my blog promotion and also help increase my traffic. The earnings that I received from adgitize is the amount that I use to advertise my blog in their program which cost $14 a month so it is just like a free advertising for me. I am planning to advertise my other sites but I have to reach my target earnings first before the end of the year.

proof of payment from adgitize

My third proof of payment from Adgitize

Other adgitize proof of payment:

My adgitize second proof of payment

My adgitize first proof of payment


My First Adgitize payment proof

I started as an adgitize publisher last June and July then I became an advertiser last August. In my first two months I have earned less than $10 as an adgitize publisher so I waited for my earnings to reach $10 because it is the minimum amount for paypal transaction payments in adgitize. When I decided to be an advertiser, my earnings becomes bigger and I was so happy with the traffic that my blog is getting.  I would suggest that if you have a blog and would like to increase your traffic and promote your new site, adgitize is recommended. I have already created a post about how you can earn in adgitize as a publisher and as an advertiser.

Here is my First Proof of payment from Adgitize:

first adgitize proof of payment

First Adgitize Payment Aug 2010

It is not that big but with these little earnings, you can buy a domain, web hosting or even a chocolate.

How to get adgitize widgets/codes for your blog or web site as a publisher

How to get adgitize widgets/ codes  for your blog or web site as a publisher

  1. After you logged in to your adgitize account, you should add your blog or web site by clicking on Member’s Lounge then  at the bottom part under Publishers you should click on Manage Blogs or Get Code.
  2. Add a blog by clicking “Add a Blog” as shown below. Make sure you fill up the necessary information when adding a blog especially the Blog RSS feed because if it is incorrect your blog post will not be counted for points.
    How to add a blog in adgitize image
    Click on Add a blog
  3. To get a widgets/ codes to be inserted in your site, you should click on “Get code” under the blog name of your choice.

    Get a code widget from adgitize

    Click on Get a code

  4. Choose an Ad size. You can choose the ad size by viewing first what the ad size may look like  putting the mouse over the link then click on the link to get the code. Remember that only 10 adgitize ads are only allowed in a page. It may be two separate ad blocs but limit the number of ads to a total of ten.

    Adgitize ad size

    Mouse over the link to see the ad size

  5. Copy the code to your blog or web site.

    Final step in adgitize getting a code

    Copy code to you blog or web site

Make Money with adgitize | Earn from adgitize as a publisher

There are three ways to earn money from Adgitize: you can earn by being a publisher, advertiser or an affiliate. In this post, I will tackle first on how to earn money on adgitize as a publisher. You should have a blog or website then register first to Adgitize to join the program to start the earning potential.

Simple Steps to Earn Money as an Adgitize publisher

  1. After you register and logged in to your adgitize account, you should add your blog or web site.
  2. To maximize your earnings, you should create a blog post at least once a day in your blog that you use when you register from adgitize.
  3. In the registered blog URL, you should install the adgitize widgets/code (recommended to have at least two widgets in your blog/ I use 2 block ads with a total of 10 adgitize ads).
  4. You should click 100 adgitize ads per day. Make sure that when you adgitize, you are logged in to your adgitize and do not close that window so the clicks will be counted.

To check for the number of clicks that you’ve earned for the day (Publisher Clicks earned):

Click on Reports

Adgitize Publisher Earned

Adgitize reports

Then Click on Publisher’s Clicks earned Today

Adgitize Publisher Report

Adgitize Publisher's - Clicks earned today

Or to know if you have reach 100 clicks while adgitizing you can just simply see the adgitize counter that can be seen at the bottom of each adgitize block ads as shown below.

Adgitize counter to view if you reach 100 clicks

Adgitize block ads showing adgitize counter 100 clicks

Based in my experience as an adgitize publisher with my one blog, I have earned $0.15 per day following the simple steps that I shared above so if you are consistently adgitizing in 30 days, you may earn $4.50 in 30 days.  My first earning from adgitize as a publisher is $3.42 and this the proof of my first earnings from adgitize when I started last June. The minimum payout of adgitize is $10 for paypal transactions and $50 for payment by check transactions. I use the paypal transactions for easy and quick payments.

Click the adgitize banner below to join.

Adgitize your web site.

First Proof of earnings from adgitize as a publisher

I started to register to adgitize as a publisher last June 2010 and I really don’t know how the program works but as I research I eventually know the trick. Visit my post learn how to earn make money from adgitize as a publisher.

Here is the image of my first earnings from adgitize last June 2010 and until now I still continue adgitizing with more earnings.

Adgitize proof of earnings as publisher

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