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My Sixth Payment From Blogvertise

I have been posting all my extra earnings online here for my make money journal. Last March 11, 2011 I received my sixth payment from blogvertise which cost $10.00 for my other blog. It was sent directly to my paypal account.

I have noticed that there are only a few opportunities that were assigned in my blog. Sometimes I only received one opportunity but still I am thankful that I have received blessing.

I hope there will be more blessings to come. Anyway, I enjoy blogging as my extra activities online and I am happy to meet my online friends especially mommy bloggers.


My 7th proof of payment from adgitize

I received my 7th payment from Adgitize today for the month of February which cost $13.70. Today I also decided to advertise my other site with adgitize because it really contributes good traffic in my blog. The payment that I earned from Adgitize is the amount that I also used to advertise with them. It is just like I am advertising my site for free.

adgitize payment paypal

7th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

My Adgitize 6th Proof of Payment

Today I received my sixth payment from adgitize as an advertiser and publisher for January 2011 in my paypal account. The amount is $13.39 and I will be using this fund to advertise again with my blog.

payment in paypal from adgitize Filipino

6th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

Summary for my online earnings for 2010

I started my blogging career last March 2010 but I just started making money from it last September 2010 and my first earnings came from Adgitize. Since this is just my extra activities online because I have a regular online job, I only spare a little amount of time in blogging approximately one to two hours and although I know that there are lots of opportunities online, I only choose certain opportunities to earn extra money because I don’t want to pressure myself. Pressure and stress are for my family and regular online work and pleasure, fun, online updates, extra earnings are for my blogs and site.

Aside from Adgitize, I also earn from blogvertise but with Review Stream sadly I was not able to request payment because I still didn’t meet the minimum last 2010. Hopefully, I can manage Review Stream this year but it is not my priority because I deal with more time to create and think of my honest review about the product and more time for me is for my family. I also earned from direct advertisers in my Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy (my first ever blog). In this blog, you will learn more about me and the inspiring stories that I have had in my life.

earnings from home online opportunities

photo courtesy: photobucket

Summary of my Online Earnings for 2010:

Adgitize earnings 2010 —————  $82.60 (I started to join June but only became active last September 2010)

Blogvertise earnings 2010 ———–  $50.00 (I started to join August 2010)

Direct Advertisers ———————  $200.00 (some direct advertisers contacted me to advertise which started last October 2010)

Total Earnings: $332.00

I know that my total earnings is not that big compared to other bloggers and site owners but I am so happy and contented for the summary of my earnings. Some of my earnings were spent to maintain my domain and webhosting and some for my extra expenditures.

I still have pending earnings to come that was not included here because I am still waiting for the minimum payout  from other ads like from Nuffnang, Infolinks, Adbrite and Chitika. I hope this year will be fruitful for my extra online earnings.

My Adgitize fifth proof of payment

I just recently received my Adgitize payment from my paypal account earnings for my December Adgitize and this is the first payment that I received for the year 2011 in my paypal account.

proof of payment from adgitize

My Adgitize Fifth proof of payment

My Adgitize fourth proof of payment

I was not able to post my fourth proof payment last December 2010 for adgitize so even if it is a month late already I will post my December 2010 earnings from adgitize because this site is also my earnings journal for my extra online activities.

adgitize earnings

Adgitize fourth proof of payment

I have earned $20.43.

My First Money Transfer from Paypal to my bank account

I have been very busy this December and I am loving it because two of the major dreams and goals of me and my husband is coming true and we were able to accomplish it in a matter of time.

Anyway, I would just like to share my first attempt to withdraw the money from my Paypal account to my bank account and it was successful. The bank account that I use to verify in my paypal account is Unionbank EON which I already had for almost three to four months ago. Although I have small earnings several times in my paypal account, I initially use my earnings from my paypal account to advertise my first blog, to buy a new domain and web-hosting for this blog and for the other website that I maintain that is why I haven’t reach a bigger earnings in my paypal account but I am very happy because I didn’t spend a single centavo for the domain and web-hosting because I use the money directly from my paypal account to pay this online transactions.

Anyway, I am so happy with my first experience with the transfer of the money from my Paypal account to my bank account because it only take two business days before I received the money. In the photo below, it says that the money will be transferred on Dec.08, 2010 but when I checked my EON online it arrived earlier which is December 06, 2010. When withdrawing money from your paypal account there is a bracket and option since I only withdraw less than P6,999.99 PHP there is a P50.00 PHP fee.

withdraw paypal to bank account

My first experience with Paypal withdrawal transferred to my bank account

I decided to withdraw my $90 in my paypal account because I will be needing the fund to pay for my quarterly SSS contribution since I work at home I have a SSS self-employed voluntary contribution. The other amount will go to some of my miscellaneous expenses with my little boy.

More or less, I have already earned almost P10, 000 PHP in my earnings from my blog in three months and I am so happy with the results that I only do this part time I mean really part time about 1 to 2 hours per day and sometimes I wasn’t able to update my blog in a  day. I don’t put too much pressure because I am contented with the simple outcome and most importantly I have enough time with my family. I am looking forward for more earnings this coming year 2011.

My first direct advertiser proof of payment

This is the first time that I coordinated with a direct advertiser and I am so happy that it is successful. With my first blog which is now gaining more traffic, I received an email from a direct advertiser wanted to purchase a text link ads in my blog.

I was not really offering a text link ads in my blog but I am open for it for as long as the site is not spammy and helpful to my readers so I accepted the offer and I set my own price for a monthly flat rate.

The direct advertiser agreed on it and they wanted the ads in my blog for six months. I submitted and signed their agreement form and voila I received my first payment from them which cost $30.00.

Proof of payment from a direct advertiser on monthly flat rate

My first proof of payment from a direct advertiser

My adgitize third proof of payment

Two days ago I received my adgitize third payment sent to my paypal account. Although the are a few days that I skipped to adgitize, I regularly adgitize in week days. Adgitize has been a great big help in my blog promotion and also help increase my traffic. The earnings that I received from adgitize is the amount that I use to advertise my blog in their program which cost $14 a month so it is just like a free advertising for me. I am planning to advertise my other sites but I have to reach my target earnings first before the end of the year.

proof of payment from adgitize

My third proof of payment from Adgitize

Other adgitize proof of payment:

My adgitize second proof of payment

My adgitize first proof of payment


My fourth proof of payment from blogvertise

The payments that I received from Blogvertise came in consecutive days for the second up to the fourth payment. The third payment that I received cost $15.oo and I got my fourth payment from blogvertise through my paypal account yesterday.

Filipino proof of earnings from blogvertise

My fourht proof of payment from blogvertise

This month is really a moolah month for me and I am very thankful that I received another offer from a direct advertiser for six months. I think this is an early birthday blessing gift for me.

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