London Olympic Medal Updates 2012

2012 Summer Olympic Games or commonly known as London 2012 began last July 27 and will carry on until August 12, 2012 which began in London, United Kingdom.

The overall medal count is lead by China where it holds 64 total medals and the game is tight for United States holds 63 medals but US takes the lead before that day. How mind blowing is that? For detailed medal count, here it goes.

Table 1 Gold-based ranking
                          Gold Silver Bronze Total

China                         31       19         14        64
United States         29       15         19        63
Great Britain          18       11          11        40
South Korea           11         5            6         22
France                        8         9             9         26

Table 2 Total-based Ranking
Gold  Silver Bronze Total
China                           31      19          14         64
United States           29       15         19         63
Russia                          7         17          18        42
Great Britain           18         11         11         40
Japan                           2          12         14         28

Football: Christine Sinclair had an unbelievable move for Canada however Megan Rapinoe and the USA continued to answer and compelled extra time but Alex Morgan scored in the last minute of extra-time that made USA to reach final this Wednesday.

Olympic Sailing: Because of Tom Slingsby, Australia captured its first gold sailing medal of London 2012 last Monday and doubled when Tom said he had fulfilled a dream by succeeding the Laser class.

Basketball: Spain’s players denied that their collapse to Brazil players was a purposeful attempt to avoid the USA in the semi-finals of the London Olympics.

Alex Schwazer, an Italian walker who won gold medal last Beijing 2008, is positive from doping test that made him to eliminate from FIDAL’s Olympic team. Moreover, Nicholas Delpopolo was forced out to participate in London 2012 as he admitted he ate marijuana-laced food. He apologized to his judo team mates and that he was embarrassed by mistake. Nothing much with player’s controversies as Jason Kenny won gold medal for Britain in men’s sprint with a 2-0 win.

Update as of August 7, 2012.

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