Natural Whitening Product that Works

Filipinos love to have fair complexion but foreigners go in Philippines and other tropical countries to get tanned. How ironic, right? We are highly influenced that having a Caucasian whiteness brings a beauty so there are tons of whitening product that are out in the market. Here are some of the listed products that are effective.

*Licowhite Transparent Soap is a product of (Godiva) which is located at Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City, Philippines. This soap is gentle and non-drying cleanser as it cleanses and whitens the skin by the use of Glabridin from Licorice. Licorice are one of the most capable herb for healing skin problems like discolorations. 100 grams for only $4.73

Garnier Whitening product

Garnier Whitening product, credit: Garnier

*Garnier is known to boast lemon as its main ingredient to have radiant skin. It is an International product but also available in Philippines. If you would go their (site) ( it is difficult to browse for there are certain products that are not yet available here in Philippines so go their  (Facebook page) Use Gentle Clarifying Foam then the Multi-Action Whitening Cream as it gives anti-dullness, anti-dark spots, and anti-acne marks. If you wanted to have fair skin as Georgina Wilson, try Garnier!

*Amira Magic Cream ( has a mulberry extract responsible for slowing down the production of skin pigments. Amira soothes dry and irritated skin as it also has chamomile extract. Most of the people use this for underarm whitening as it whitens dark areas like elbow, neck, etc. but do not mistaken this as a deodorant. For first time users, check the product first if it’s fine with your skin by patting in your wrist. Available at Mercury Drug Store, Hortaleza, Watsons, and Puregold and their main office is at West Avenue, Quezon City in front of Metro Bar. P295 for 15 grams while P795 for 60 grams.

*Luxxe White is enhanced glutathione accelerator and distributed by (FrontRow)  with the same supplier of Belo Medical Groups in Ontario, California. To be beautiful outside, you must be beautiful inside first and by taking (Luxxe White), it detoxifies first your liver, kidney and lungs then the side effect of taking this dietary oral supplement whitens and lightens your skin for the internal organ is already cleansed. FrontRow offers P2,500 for bottle of 30s and P2,980 for bottle of 60s but here’s a site giving (50% discount)

Whether by taking a bath, or external application like creams or through oral intake, whitening products are very marketable. So if you wish to be a head turner as you walk to the room, try any of this and you might get the attention of your ultimate crush.

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