How to reset unionbank eon transaction password?

A few days ago, I checked my Unionbank eon account. I found out that my unionbank eon transaction password will be expiring next week. I was inactive using my unionbank eon account for almost three months ago so I tried to access my transaction password but I already forgot it.

unionbank eon transaction password reset
unionbank eon card

I tried to look for my record but the transaction password was not in my list. The Unionbank Eon page where you can access your account doesn’t have a link on how to reset the transaction so I called their customer care. According to the customer care, a customer who forgot/ lost his password may request for a reset on his transaction password. There is a verification process on the customer’s account before the customer care place the request for the reset of the transaction password. The customer care will ask your birthday, maiden name and will verify your email address. After the verification process, you have to wait for one to two days for their email on the procedure on how to reset the transaction password. I got mine in one day.


The procedure if very simple. When you access your unionbank eon page, you will see from “my profile page” that there is already a link to reset the transaction password then just follow the next steps prompted.

Unionbank Customer Service telephone numbers:

  • 84-186 – for PLDT landlines
  • 841-8600 – for Non PLDT landlines
  • 1-800-1888-2277- for domestic toll free (accessible only for PLDT Subscribers).
  • (02)841-8600 – for non-PLDT subscribers  (regular toll rates will apply)*For Universal Toll Free, dial IAC+800-8277-2273.

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