My Page rank update

I started this blog last August, 2010 just to  save and share what I have been doing with my extra online activities. Before the name of this blog is Simple Make Money online but I change the blog recently last March 2011 with the fresh revised one that is why I came up with Online To The Fullest.

I really don’t mind exchanging links for past months but just this week I have decided to update my links for my page rank. Before, this blog has a page rank of zero but now it has a page rank 1 without exerting pressure with my blog. Like what I have said in some of my post, blogging is my extra online activity that I don’t want to put pressure. Whenever I blog, I feel relax and I am delighted with each post because I am learning what I have created.

Yeay! Online To The Fullest has a page rank 1. Hmmmm now I am inspired again and looking forward.

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