Things that makes me feel like levitating

This is my official entry to LEVY’s contest

Question: What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?

Answer: I am a simple person and simple things makes me happy. There are many things that makes me feel like levitating and here are the list:

  • every time my two-year old son say’s “I love you Mommy!”
  • every time  my two-year old son has a new grasp of learning
  • every time I am with my hubby’s embrace
  • every time I finish my task or goal ahead of time
  • every time I speak with my family bonding (parents, brother and sisters, niece and nephew)
  • every time I eat ice cream flavored Cheese and salad
  • every time I eat cake with a delicious marshmallow icing
  • every time I sing a song
  • every time I take a bath
  • every time I meet my close friends and peers
  • every time I have done some good things for mankind

Those are the things that would make me feel like levitating. Simple things makes me happy, relax and contented. I don’t have a photo of a jump shot but I would really love to have in the near future.

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