Powerful Earthquake Hits Japan with video

A few minutes ago, I receive a call from my mother that I should watch the breaking news today about the the very strong earthquake in Japan. I immediately go to CNN.com to read and watch about the earthquake that happened in Japan.

According to Tokyo (CNN), a magnitude of 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan, triggering Tsunamis and large body of water filled with debris that included boats and houses inching toward highways.

Because of the very strong earthquake, it caused power outage in about 4 million homes in Tokyo and surrounding areas. There is also a tsunami warnings for various neighboring countries. Based on reports, Tsunami have been generated after the earthquake that may be destructive on coastal areas.

Let us pray for those who are affected and for the safety of every living creature.

Here in the Philippines , tsunami alert level 2 was raised in the 19 provinces fronting the Pacific Ocean as advised by Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum.

I have embeded the video here about the powerful earthquake that hits Japan.

Video credit:cnn.com

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