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I would like to introduce my new website blog jemimahonline.com and this is another blog of supermommyjem.  I started to create a website last year with Experience of a Super Mommy covering some helpful articles about motherhood followed by a blog last March 2010 Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy covering the inspiring topics about life like beautiful quotes, health, Philippine events and many more. I decided to create another website specifically for internet and blogging, making money online, technology and reviews so I can share a different approach covering simple ways on the real online experiences.

This weblog will be my journal as I journey online with my website and blog using my spare time to earn extra money from blogs and website. I will be sharing the real money makers online that really generates an income in my blog and website. My target here is not to fully manage my blog and website 24 hours but I am doing this in my spare time about two to three hours a day. This site is like a baby project for me but the contents will be very helpful to everyone especially newbies like me in internet and blogging. There will be also a post about technology and some reviews to improve certain products and promote good products as well. Kindly subscribe to my RSS located at the top right portion so you can receive updates with this site.

Thank you for reading my first post and I hope that you will come back because there are more to share.

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