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WordPress simple social share plugin with just 4 social icons

Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share Plugin  in wordpress is one the very simple social share plugin with just 4 social icons. With less social icons there will be lesser load on pages and it will load much faster. I have tried to use this for almost half a year now and I like the good effects on my blogs.

Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share wordpress Plugin
Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share wordpress Plugin

When you install this plugin, there is a default settings but you can change it to the way you like it to appear on your page. In the photo above, I place the script in the header, change the size of the icons to small and set to left aligned. It is loading fast and whenever I do not have new post, I just share my old blog post so that my blog readers and other readers will be updated to other post that might be helpful to them.

Strong winds by Tropical storm Pedring

I wake up today hearing the strong gusty sound made by the strong winds. There is  power outage and I just use my mobile phone to check the weather forecast. It is storm signal number two by which the Northern, central Luzon and Bicol region was mainly affected.

My brother just arrived from his work in Makati and he told me that the wind was so strong. It is dangerous to go outside of house today so we better stay safe at home. Travel by sea and plane is also risky as there is already a tropical cyclone warning.

Let us pray that God may keep us safe from danger.

Thinking of a simple business for an extra income

I really love doing business. Aside from my regular work and extra earnings from being a part time blogger, I am thinking of another way to earn extra money. Christmas season is getting nearer and people will start rushing their way to buy for Christmas.

Since I love useful things, I already think of what business to try this season. I will start with a small capital since this is just a small business to try in my spare time. I am so excited for weekend because I will canvass and hopefully to find a good deal for my simple small business.

LBC development bank was closed

I was watching news report today and I was surprised that LBC development bank was already closed. Although I am not a depositor from this bank, I felt sad for their depositors. It was hard to earn and save money nowadays. The news reported that LBC development bank has over 320,000 depositors amounting to approximately 6 billion pesos.

If you wanted to know more about the status of the banks here in the Philippines, you may visit the financial consumer group of banko central at

Saturday with my little boy

Currently, I am a little bit resting. I would like to introduce my little boy who is growing up fast and the reason for my hard work and patience. I spent my whole Saturday with him playing, sleeping and eating.

If I only have the option to fully give my week days for my little boy I would love to. I love my son and he really makes me smile and contented. A day with him is like a day filled with great adventures out of the country.

Happy Holidays!

I was not able to update my post here for almost three weeks because my schedule was so tight for the holiday season but now I will update it and plan to publish a product review before the year end.

This post is quite a short just to greet you Happy Holidays! I have so much plans and scheduling to do to manage all my sites. See you in my next post 🙂

Advantage of being an adgitize publisher and advertiser

In my recent post about Make Money with adgitize | Earn from adgitize as a publisher, I have shared how a publisher can earn from adgitize. When I became an advertiser from adgitize, clicking ads becomes easy because as an advertiser, you don’t have to click 100 adgitize ads each day. You should only click 51 adgitize ads then that is equivalent to 100 points. You still have to follow the Simple Steps to Earn Money as an Adgitize publisher and the difference is only on adgitizing/ clicking only 51 adgitize ads. When you are an advertiser you may earn $0.50 each day or more depending on the member points so it is better to create a blog post daily, adgitize and if you have multiple blogs you may also want to advertise using the other blogs for more points. The member points were calculated from publisher’s and advertisers clicks, page views and Ad views earned so if you are really active you will gain more points. The good thing about adgitize as an advertiser is that it help increases your traffic or visitors and promote your site to hundreds of sites or even thousands depending on the ad views. I would suggest that you try to be an adgitize advertiser first in one month that cost $14, it is just like a free advertising on my part because if you are also an active publisher and advertiser you may earn $15 in 30 days ($0.50 x 30) and still you earn $1. So why not try to be an advertiser now.

Click the adgitize banner below to join.

Adgitize your web site.

Welcome to

I would like to introduce my new website blog and this is another blog of supermommyjem.  I started to create a website last year with Experience of a Super Mommy covering some helpful articles about motherhood followed by a blog last March 2010 Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy covering the inspiring topics about life like beautiful quotes, health, Philippine events and many more. I decided to create another website specifically for internet and blogging, making money online, technology and reviews so I can share a different approach covering simple ways on the real online experiences.

This weblog will be my journal as I journey online with my website and blog using my spare time to earn extra money from blogs and website. I will be sharing the real money makers online that really generates an income in my blog and website. My target here is not to fully manage my blog and website 24 hours but I am doing this in my spare time about two to three hours a day. This site is like a baby project for me but the contents will be very helpful to everyone especially newbies like me in internet and blogging. There will be also a post about technology and some reviews to improve certain products and promote good products as well. Kindly subscribe to my RSS located at the top right portion so you can receive updates with this site.

Thank you for reading my first post and I hope that you will come back because there are more to share.

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