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Google Adsense Staying Compliant

This post is supposed to be published last March after I attended a Google Adsense webinar. I am so thankful that I was invited to be part of the adsense webinar and I have learned so many things about the brief Adsense policy and most importantly on Google Adsense staying compliant.

Google Adsense is a great income source and has been very helpful to their publishers and advertisers through the years. Aside from getting a good income from them as a publisher, we should always remember to stay compliant to their products and services. To maintain and promote quality products and services, google adsense have certain policies that a publisher should follow.

In behavioral policy, being a publisher of Google Adsenseencouraging Clicks on google adsense is not allowed and not recommended.

Example of encouraging clicks are text showing

My first Google Adsense Payment

Finally after almost nine months from being a publisher, I received my first payment from Google Adsense. The form of payment that I choose is through Western Union quick cash. When google emailed the payment details, I pick up the payment at a nearby Western Union branch. It is not big but I am contented. The blue link will show you the details on Receiving Google Adsense payment via Western Union here in the Philippines. The photo below is the actual google adsense payment that I received.

google adsense first payment

google adsense first payment

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