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My Durable Sony Ericsson cellphone

It is almost five years since I started using my Sony Ericsson k610i cellphone and I am very happy with these cellphone and it never disappointed me. As technology arises, there are lots of innovations and models available in the market. Since I am not the type of person who is fond of buying new gadgets or even cellphones, I have used this cellphone since year 2006 and my hubby just gave me another cellphone last year which is Samsung brand and it became my regular cellphone since it is postpaid but this cellphone is not that durable compared to my Sony Ericsson phone. Sadly, it malfunctions this new year and I don’t want to waste my time to repair this phone since the value of the phone easily depreciate so now I am back using my Sony Ericsson K610i.

Sony Ericsson K610i review
Sony Ericsson K610i Mobile Phone

I am really planning to purchase a new phone before the 2010 ends as I share a post about Sony Ericsson Aspen Mobile Phone but because there is an advancement of our family goal for the first quarter of 2011 which happened last December 2010 I decided to move the date to purchase a new phone. When it comes to budget, I am really thrift and I wanted a single centavo to be spend wisely so I am still balancing our family budget for that although I always have extra money but savings should always go to savings which is very important for my family and there is always a right time and budget for other extra things or pleasure.

For now I would still enjoy using my Sony Ericsson K610i. The simple  features of Sony Ericsson K610i that I often used are it’s very nice organizer, easy messaging, super easy to use camera with 2.5X digital zoom, video and voice recording which is very clear, bluetooth connectivity, very nice sound when playing music, web browser when I need an immediate research, design of wallpaper which is in this year the honeysuckle reddish pink and the color of this phone is red which symbolizes love, luck and vibrant.

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