The Ukulele instrument

Ukulele is a string instrument similar to guitar. However, what makes it different to guitar is that it only composed of four strings and it is smaller. The instrument is associated in Hawaii but it is originated in Portugal. Braguinha and cavaquino was brought by Portuguese sailors in the late 1870s in Hawaii. The natives of Hawaii were amazed with the speed of finger-work of the player that ended up the instrument to be called, “ukulele” which means “jumping flea” in English.

Ukulele instrument


The ukuleles are also called “Uke” and it comes in four different sizes. Soprano is the standard size for ukuleles which is about 21” – the smallest among the four. The primary material for Uke is wood where its first was made of Koa wood.

It is made from mahogany wood and there are only three companies in the world which manufactures Uke. If you think that buying Ukulele is difficult, there is   nothing to worry about because there are online websites that will help you to find your Uke. Whether it would be soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone, they have it.

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