Asian secrets whitening body scrub and soap

Thank to Asian secrets for the Asian secrets body scrub and whitening soap that I received last month. I won from the bloggers giveaway and I am so thankful for  the package.

Asian secret body scrub and whitening soap
Asian secret body scrub and whitening soap

I already used the Asian Secrets whitening body scrub Blue tub which is with seaweed extract and Vitamin E. There is an instruction that the skin should not be wet or  apply and scrub it on the dry skin.  After scrubbing for a few moments, wash it off with water.

The Asian secrets whitening body scrub has lulur beads that removes dirt and dead skin cells when scrubbed. It promotes skin rejuvenating and whitening best to be used on skin areas that are prone to darkening such as the knees, elbows, underarms, and in between thighs.

Since I first use the Blue tub of Asian secrets body scrub (seaweed extract and Vitamin E), I observe the effects of this product on my skin. The scent of this variant is so good that it smells so neat and fresh. It makes my skin so soft  with a clean-smelling throughout the day.

The Asian Secrets Bengkoang  Indonesian whitening soap (red) with natural antiseptic Betel Extract is so refreshing to use. I think this whitening soap is perfect this summer season.

Whether I used a regular soap or whitening soap/ scrub, my skin is always fair. I have not noticed the whitening effect on my skin but there is a lightening effect when you use it continuously. It is to early to give a review because I have only been using it for one week.

I am excited to try the other variants and I will blog about the results after three weeks of using it.

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