Astoria Hotel Marketing Strategy through raffle winners

Two weeks ago a representative of Astoria hotel called my husband informing us that we won a free buffet and 3 days and two nights hotel accommodation at Astoria hotels that we could choose from Bohol, Bali Indonesia, Bangkok, etc.  To claim the prize, we are advise to personally go Astoria Hotel in Mandaluyong  for a free lunch buffet and attend 90 minutes presentation of their hotel accommodations. Without hesitation, we decided to be there.

inside Astoria hotel accomodation

Inside Astoria hotel accomodation

The parking is free and we ate the free buffet lunch at Astoria Cafe. The food is good and I have noticed that there are several people same with us claiming for the 3D/2N hotel accommodation from Astoria. We were informed that we have to attend a 90-minute presentation of their hotel products and services after the buffet so we went ahead with the holiday consultant as he present and show all about the Astoria Club membership.

We consume more than 90 minutes on their discussion about the perks being a member of Astoria Club. Honestly in my understanding with Astoria Club membership that they offer, there will be  good benefits for the members. We even ask everything about the membership and the consultant answered it showing  some booklets about Astoria Club membership and RCI.

According to the consultant , they are offering Astoria Club membership at a discounted amount that day. We told the holiday consultant that as of now, it is not our priority since we have an upcoming expenditures for our house and lot. The manager gave us the computation and even promos or discount vouchers that we could buy the least from them but my husband and I said “No”.

As promised, they gave us the certification of the complimentary certificate for the 3D/2N hotel accommodation at limited hotels included in the certificate valid for 6 months from that date. I tried to search for the Bohol accommodation of Astoria, I found out that true it was not yet fully developed as what was said by the holiday consultant when I asked him. I try to contact my cousin who worked at Astoria hotel and he told me that the hotel accommodation of Astoria in Bohol is too far from the airport. I would like to use the complimentary hotel accommodation but it seems that we might spend too much money with transportation so I think we are not going to use the free hotel accommodation that they gave to us.

Some say that this is a scam. Well, for me and my husband it is not a scam. This is just a simple marketing strategy of Astoria hotel. Better try to understand what they present and offer to you. If you did not want or you can’t afford the membership, just simply say “No” to their offer. That’s it!

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