Friendster beta new look

I happened to drop by at tonight and I found out that it has a new look and applications.


friendster beta 2011

The new friendster beta 2011

What’s new in There are many things that were added and enhanced with the new look of the Although it is still in beta I believe this look will last and would still progress. You can manage your avatar in the new friendster look. With the new friendster, you can now link your facebook and twitter account.

List of what you can do in the new friendster:

  • Make friends and play along with them
  • Enjoy promotions/rewards while having fun playing.
  • Play Games with different types of games that you wanted.

If you join friendster now, you maybe the lucky winner that will be handpicked to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The promo is only valid from June 28 – July 31, 2011.

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