Is it true that Facebook Closes down on March 15?

“Facebook is shutting down on March 15” . I have read so many post about this issue that Facebook closes down on March 15 this year but I really don’t mind what I’ve read because I didn’t receive any notifications in facebook about it and possibly its another internet hoax until I had a small talk with my brother the other night.

facebook will end in march
Screen shot from the about “Facebook will end on March 15”

From our conversation, he is thinking that it might be true so I decided to investigate through searching and browsing on the internet about that issue to enlighten us. There are really many post and news about Facebook shutting down on March 15 and I found this post “Facebook will end on March 15 which might help others understand the contents of the news/issue. In that news, Mark Zuckerberg the creator, CEO and President of Facebook announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. I also tried to read more post and news about the issue and I found that prior to the post from about “Facebook will end on March 15“, there are also other earlier post about Facebbok shutting down and there are other version of the news like Facebook will shut down in April, February, etc. which only shows that it is not true.

So, is it true that Facebook will be shut down in March? The answer is a big No! Kindly read this “The Facebook Blog”.

Facebook is really a powerful social networking site for everyone whether we use it for personal, business and family connections. but we should limit the usage of it especially to kids that may harm their innocent minds with what they see or read so we parents should be responsible for our child’s activities on the internet.

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