How to open a Unionbank EON Account in the Philippines?

I opened a Unionbank EON Account last year in preparation for my online transactions to buy and sell and I was happy with my experience with my Unionbank EON account.

With my Unionbank EON account, I was able to use it in my online transactions such as buying domains from, withdrawing my paypal funds that was linked or verified with my EON Unionbank account and many other online transactions.

What are the requirements to open an EON account?

  • Two Valid ID’s (two photocopies)
  • Bring any utility bills also if you were asked
  • Php 350.00 (Annual Payment when you get the card)
  • Php 100 or more as an initial deposit for your account

You have to fill up the application form and make sure that you will provide correct information. If you are going to use the EON Unionbank account with your Paypal account, the address that you will use in the EON should be the same with the address in your paypal account. It would take three to seven days to get your EON Unionbank card depending on the bank branch.

Php 100  as an initial deposit for your account is suggested so you can easily verify and link you EON account with your paypal because Php100 will be charge into your PayPal account but it will be refunded within 24 hours after you confirm your card.

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