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Apple Lawsuit Against Samsung

We know that Samsung of Korea and Apple of US is in the climax of its competition regarding the latest gadgets we love to have. iPhone was launced last January 2007 then releases to the market last June 2007.

Apple lawsuit against Samsung

Apple lawsuit against Samsung

According to Harold McElhinny, Apple’s attorney, Samsung was having a “crisis of design” during that time and so Korea wanted to take advantage of the victory of this launched device, the iPhone. Continue reading

San Storage system

In a company, storage system plays a vital role in storing and securing one’s data  for record purposes and company transaction process. It is important to have reliable storage system that covers good storage functionality and benefits.

SAN storage system
SAN storage system

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On Budget Laptop Computers

It has been two years when I bought my first Toshiba notebook. I used this computer for my work at home online and I am satisfied with its performance. Yearly, I usually check the new technology and gadgets especially the computers. We normally consider the brand of the products that we buy but it’s  definitely the budget and quality that I am after when buying.

Before the year ends, I have checked some budget laptop computers. I am a budget conscious person when it comes to buying electronic gadgets or computers. Before I buy, I canvass to different stores to compare the prices and I love to read product reviews. I also consult some of my friends who already have an experience with the product that I wanted to buy. Sometimes I also consider the promo or freebies  that are included with the product. As a mom, I wanted to get the most of my budget.

Here in the Philippines, you can find some budget laptop computers at PC Express, Villman computers, Laptop King, etc. You can also consider buying refurbished thinkpad laptops that is surely easy on the budget. In United Kingdom, some of the budget laptop computers can be found at wherein you can make an order through a dedicated order line. It is best to search and read about the product first before placing an order for you to make it easier to order. You can also simply inquire directly regarding the products like the stock availability so you can confirm right away  for your order.

Computer Gadgets Sale at SM North Edsa

For those who are looking for computer gadgets sale, you might want to visit the “Computer Gadgets Holiday Blast” at SM North Edsa. Premium Logic Computers offers great gadgets sale that already started from November 21 up to January 21, 2012 at 4F Annex Event Area.  You can enjoy discounts from various brands such as Lenovo, Asus, Neo, etc. with the latest gadgets and gizmos.

computer gadgets sale at SM North Edsa

computer gadgets sale at SM North Edsa, photo credit to SM North Edsa

I am planning to buy a printer and I hope I can find great deals at the computer gadgets sale.

Relaxing Soundbar speaker and wireless Subwoofer

One of the electronic appliances that I plan to buy is the home theater. My husband and I are still waiting for the turnover of our house and lot. Nowadays, minimalist is the modern approach in interior designing. I like to apply minimalist design in some parts of the house to save some space. Living and family room would be minimalist. With minimalist design in the family room, the home theater should be simplified.

soundbar and wireless subwoofer

soundbar and wireless subwoofer, photo credit to

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My Red HTC Wildfire Smartphone

After almost five years, I finally bought a new cellphone/smartphone. Although I also have an extra Samsung cellphone given by my husband, when it comes to durability I still prefer my old cellphone Sony Ericsson. I have been using Sony Ericsson K610i since 2006 and it never let me down until now. My Sony Ericsson K610i is the smallest 3G phone in the year 2006. Although my old cellphone is still 100% functional, I decided to buy a new one because I need a cellphone with extra features that would be a great help for a super work-at-home mom like me. Smartphone technologies are really in demand in the new generation.

The features that I am looking for in considering  smartphone are the connectivity features like wifi internet ready, Bluetooth, 3G, Mail features that I can sync my email from personal computer, updates stream for news and many other important features.

Last January, I posted here about my durable Sony Ericsson Cellphone and last year I also shared that I am planning to buy a new Sony Ericsson Aspen Mobile Phone.  Things have change so I choose to buy the HTC wildfire smartphone.

The color of my HTC wildfire smartphone is red same with the color of my old phone. In the photo below you will see my new HTC Wildfire Smartphone and the old Sony Ericsson K610i.

HTC Wildfire Smartphone and Sony Ericsson K610i

The photo below is my New HTC Wildfire Smartphone. When we visited HTC branch in SM North Edsa Cyberzone at The Annex, there is a promo price for this phone which cost Php 12, 000 plus for cash price and it would cost almost Php 15, 000 if you are going to use a credit card to purchase the phone.

HTC Wildfire Smartpho

I am still trying to explore the great features of the HTC Wildfire Smartphone and I will share the phone review possibly after a week of usage of this phone.

My Durable Sony Ericsson cellphone

It is almost five years since I started using my Sony Ericsson k610i cellphone and I am very happy with these cellphone and it never disappointed me. As technology arises, there are lots of innovations and models available in the market. Since I am not the type of person who is fond of buying new gadgets or even cellphones, I have used this cellphone since year 2006 and my hubby just gave me another cellphone last year which is Samsung brand and it became my regular cellphone since it is postpaid but this cellphone is not that durable compared to my Sony Ericsson phone. Sadly, it malfunctions this new year and I don’t want to waste my time to repair this phone since the value of the phone easily depreciate so now I am back using my Sony Ericsson K610i.

Sony Ericsson K610i review
Sony Ericsson K610i Mobile Phone

I am really planning to purchase a new phone before the 2010 ends as I share a post about Sony Ericsson Aspen Mobile Phone but because there is an advancement of our family goal for the first quarter of 2011 which happened last December 2010 I decided to move the date to purchase a new phone. When it comes to budget, I am really thrift and I wanted a single centavo to be spend wisely so I am still balancing our family budget for that although I always have extra money but savings should always go to savings which is very important for my family and there is always a right time and budget for other extra things or pleasure.

For now I would still enjoy using my Sony Ericsson K610i. The simple  features of Sony Ericsson K610i that I often used are it’s very nice organizer, easy messaging, super easy to use camera with 2.5X digital zoom, video and voice recording which is very clear, bluetooth connectivity, very nice sound when playing music, web browser when I need an immediate research, design of wallpaper which is in this year the honeysuckle reddish pink and the color of this phone is red which symbolizes love, luck and vibrant.

Sony Ericsson Aspen Mobile Phone

My husband and I will be replacing our old phone to a new one since I have been using my old Sony Ericsson K610i for more than three years now and another Samsung mobile phone for my other number  for almost a year. I am not the type of person that is fond of buying new gadgets or mobile phones for pleasure because I only buy these things if it is a necessity or has relevance use to my work just like my husband but we really like innovations and good technologies. We decided to buy a new mobile phone this coming December and he suggested to me the Sony Ericsson Aspen mobile phone. One of the best specifications that I like in this product is that it is environment-friendly phone because some of the materials used in the phone  are the recycled plastics and waterborne paint which help reduce the impact on the environment. Since I am a work-at-home mom with a regular online job, I have choosen the best features of a phone fitted for my needs. The image below is the actual phone design and color that I will buy this December. The information listed below are courtesy of Sony ericsson website and I just make a summary and listed its relevance for my phone review.

Sony ericsson aspen

Eco-friendly phone Sony Ericsson Aspen

Aspen Specifications:

Available Colors: Iconic Black and white silver.

Sizes: – 117.0 x 60.0 x 12.45 mm and – 4.6 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches.

Weight: 130.0 gr, 4.6 oz.

Screen: 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)

Memory: Phone memory 100 mb may vary due to phone pre-configuration.

Micro SD support (up to 16GB)

Networks: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS/HSPA 900/2100

Here are the features of Sony Ericsson Aspen that suits me to choose this phone:

  • Connectivity – WIFI, USB support, USB mass storage, bluetooth, synchronization, aGPS, microsoft office mobile, google maps, 3.5 mm audio jack, micro USB connector and Gokivo. I very much like most of these features but the top three connectivity that are most important to me are the WIFI, bluetooth and microsoft office mobile.
  • Communication – outlook mobile, facebook application, vibrating alert and speaker phone. Outlook mobile and the vibrating alert are the top important feature for me.
  • Messaging – text messaging (SMS), predicitive text input, picture messaging (MMS), Instant messaging, Exchange Active sync and email. The top messaging features that are most important for me are the SMS, Instant messaging and email so wherever I am I can have full access and control to all of my messages.
  • Web – Web browser Internet Explorer mobile, Pan and zoom, google search, web feeds and bookmarks. Web browser Internet explorer and google search are the top web features for me.
  • Camera -  Digital zoom up to X4, camera – 3.2 mega pixel and a smart contrast. All of the camera features was fine with me.
  • Organizer – Windows mobile, task, phonebook, notes, flight mode, calendar, calculator and alarm clock. These features are fine with me as I don’t like too many organizer features that I really don’t use.
  • Music – Play Now, Music tones, Windows media player mobile, stereo speakers, media player, bluetooth stereo (A2DP) and album art. I am not really fond of playing music with my mobile phone because my little son will be attracted to it and he might want to play with it and may damage the phone but I would love to use this music features when I am away of just relaxing alone.
  • Design – Keyboard – QWERTY, touchscreen, wallpaper animation and picture wallpaper. Since touchscreen are in nowadays for more ease and comfortability, I would love to be using this feature.

The price of Sony Ericsson Aspen phone when I inquire at Sony Ericsson Center at the mall as of September 2010 is approximately Php 16, 000 plus (approximately $364). There are other eco-friendly phones or greenheart phones made by Sony Ericsson and since I support green projects and products, I will definitely buy this phone.

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