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Reasons to use Google Maps for local businesses

Businesses today are very competitive. Company set some target to market their business on how they can maximize their income potentials like giving big discount coupons or vouchers on some of their products, offering membership  benefits, running a product campaign and uses internet marketing to reach easily their customers.

A few years ago, my husband and I have a small internet cafe business. Aside from regular computer rental and printing services, we also buy and sell computers. We market the computers for sale by posting a AD in different Advertising sites. We have used google maps or local internet marketing solutions for our business. We tag our business name and address at the google map.

Reasons to use Google Maps for local businesses

  • When you put your business on google map, it will be easily known in google search map.
  • Using google maps marketing for local business is a kind of Internet marketing which is the best way to market your business because it will surely reach customers with the good amount of traffic that it will give to your business through google map search.
  •  The traffic sources can be described as viral online resulting to increase new customers.
  • There is a big possibility to increase in profit while making your business become popular online.
  • Your business may stand-out through business promotion. You can add photos, videos, and offers.

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My reasons why billing system is important

I am a business-minded person. I started running small business when I was in college. After graduation, little by little I save money. When I have enough cash from my savings I decided to start up a small internet cafe business during that time with my boyfriend who is now my husband. At my internet cafe business, I installed a system that covers all the billing in the operation. All the transactions were accurately recorded with the help of the billing system from rental, printing, extra services and products that I sell. After a few years, we have  sold our internet cafe business for a career move.

Now that I am a mom, I continue running a small business with educational wooden toys. As a small business owner, it is important to have a systematic management of your business. Billing system is so beneficial because it makes the process of the billing receivables and accounts more manageable. Let me share my main reasons why billing system is important.

My Main reasons why billing system is important:

  • It makes ease on the processing of invoices, email receipts, recurring payments and transactions.
  • It builds good customer management and less worry for the business owner in the operation.
  • It saves time that may lead to improve business statistics at a targeted rate.

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How Credit Cooperative helped me?

When I started working at home, some of the disadvantages that I have found are having less benefits like health benefits and applying  for bank loans and credit cards are hard to be approved. It is been four years now when I started working at home and I am so happy that I was able to cope with these problems with the help of being a member of a credit cooperative.

My aunt introduce the credit cooperative that it would be a great help for me since I just started a small business that time. She is so right. I was able to balance my financial accounts with the help of a credit cooperative. Before it was only a credit cooperative but now it grew and progress with good asset standing. It became a development cooperative which is the “Birhen ng Lourdes Parish Development Cooperative“.

From an investment share capital of Php2,000 four years ago now my share capital is bigger that had helped my family bought a second hand car and help my small business before. When I also gave birth via CS, I was able to take a bigger loan amount. Every time I needed a quick money big or small I can depend on this cooperative. The processing time of the loan application would only take two to three days compared to the one week or a month loan processing application with banks. I was a member of this cooperative when I am single and now that I have a family it even helped me with my financial needs.

It is a good investment for everyone especially for moms that usually needs cash for their family. I would highly suggest that one should invest in a cooperative but please make sure of  the standing of the cooperative. You should know the asset of the cooperative, the members and administrators, policies and most importantly learn from the active members.

Advantages of taking out a loan for business

Being a member of a development cooperative has helped me a lot in my financial aspects. I have tried taking out a loan several times and I was so happy with the outcome. My main reason of investing some money in a development cooperative is to take out a loan for my business expansion. Three years ago I have a small internet café. My aunt encourages me on how it can help me in my business. There are different types of loan that a member can avail. Since I have a small business I applied for a productive loan. There is a loan policy for every member. The amount of the loan that can be approved depends on your share capital or investment, loan class standing and the type/ history of your business. It truly helped my small business in the expansion.

Advantages of taking out a loan for business

• The loan amount can be a great help for your business expansion. If you expand your business possibly your income will improve.

• You can use the loan amount for any additional products and services for your business. Aside from the additional income that it may bring to your business, there will be more happy customers for the additional products and services.

• If you take out a loan for your business, it may help you to become more eager to work hard to pay your loan in time and with that attitude you will find yourself earning more. It may lead you to become successful.

• Taking out a loan and paying in time is a good credibility that you can build with banks, development cooperative or any financial institutions. That means that if you plan to apply for loan, it will be easy for them to track your good record and get approved.

The Productive loan just like the Asset-Based Loans are some types of loans that may help an individual to pursue their business progress.

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All about taxes

I was wondering the difference of taxation in the Philippines from other countries. When I was working student as a Local Store marketing at Mc Donalds, I remember that I have helped a customer who is a foreigner. He was looking at the receipt and told that in Hongkong there is no tax. Now by searching online, I have learned that it is untrue. Although there is no sales tax, no capital gains tax, no VAT there is a maximum salary tax of 20% and profit tax maximum of 16%. Continue reading

Filing of tax

My cousin who just started to be a working student currently busy with her requirements. One of her requirement is the application of TIN (tax identification number). When I was a working student before, I was lucky that my employer is the one who process my TIN application together with the other newly hired employees. Continue reading

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