Valentines Date Movie 2013

“Te Amo”, “Wo Ai Ni”, “Saranghaeyo”…

Those are just the words where you can simply say to the one you love. However, sometimes, words is not enough to show how special the person is. Treating your loved one to a dinner cruise, watching fireworks together, or simply watching a movie are the things that can be done during Valentines. So, let’s check it out what are the Valentines movie we got here!

Valentines Date Movie list

1. The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013). This is the perfect movie for kids, no I mean, teenagers… well what I mean is the puppy love we used to know when we are young, why? Boys often take advantage when a date is on movie house with their girls where a horror film is played just this one. The main character in this movie is also a young girl (Hiedi) who sees things in their new house in Georgia. Have your chills in theater!

2. A Good Day to Die Hard (2013). Ladies, now is the time to forgive our man to watch action films with us. Let’s make it a gift to him as Bruce Willis is back on screen together with Jai Courtney. See how the two are unbeatable under the Russian world.

3. Safe Haven (2013). Of course, the last but definitely not the least that will make the Valentines be a real one is when you watch a romantic film. See the struggle of the woman to mend her heart to love again when she finally meet Alex. Safe Haven is written by Nicholas Sparks where we know the Dear John and The Notebook novels are really hear-thumping.

Valentine movie- Safe Haven

Valentine movie- Safe Haven, credit: yahoo movies

Now, prepare your soda and popcorn to watch one of the movies, or make the theater hopping be your bonging this Valentines.

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