Google Adsense Staying Compliant

This post is supposed to be published last March after I attended a Google Adsense webinar. I am so thankful that I was invited to be part of the adsense webinar and I have learned so many things about the brief Adsense policy and most importantly on Google Adsense staying compliant.

Google Adsense is a great income source and has been very helpful to their publishers and advertisers through the years. Aside from getting a good income from them as a publisher, we should always remember to stay compliant to their products and services. To maintain and promote quality products and services, google adsense have certain policies that a publisher should follow.

In behavioral policy, being a publisher of Google Adsenseencouraging Clicks on google adsense is not allowed and not recommended.

Example of encouraging clicks are text showing

  • “Please support us” pointing to  google adsense ads
  • Mislabeling Ads
  • Putting the Ads under sponsors

What to avoid in placing Google Adsense?

  • Align images with ads – Ads may appear to be part of the image shown in the post which is confusing for the reader that it is actually an Ad.
  • Choose a site layout that pushes the content below the fold – Avoid placing the google adsense ads above the fold. Content should always be visible and easy to navigate for the user.

Recommendation in Monitoring & Filtering Content

  1. Perform human evaluation before placing ad code on the site’s pages
  2. Create a content fitering sys and keep refining.
  3. URL filtering – on top of keyword filter create a URL filter to prevent ads
  4. Put a Captcha in place to prevent spam
  5. Add a “report a violation” link to all pages with user-generated content.
  6. Do a site search on own website to find bad words & images. To do this type the site, followed by website name
  7. Remove google ads for 2 days after the page is edited
  8. Remove google ads for 24 hours afer a page is reported (to allow time to be deleted)
  9. Allow trusted users to remove bad content
  10. Use automatic detection : the detection of pornography and the detection of inappropriate content

Staying compliant

Having a clean and family safe network is very important to google adsense and they already have a large number of people dedicated to fighting abuse and expect the same commitment from their publishers.

For more information about google adsense, please visit I will share the most frequently asked questions about google adsense and their answers in my next post. Stay tuned!

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