Adgitize refund payment

As expected due to the closing of Adgitize, they already sent a refund to my paypal account. It was a portion of the fund that I have not consume for advertising because they already closed last December 31,2011. They are really fair and honest website.  I still remember when I started as a publisher then became an advertiser.

Through adgitize, I was able to explore the blogosphere in times whenI was so newbie and innocent. Through this Adgitize network, I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers who voluntarily shared their experiences in blogging and life’s lesson from the personal blogs. I hope there will be other systems like Adgitize which is simple, fair, honest and most importantly friendly to all.

Thank you so much Adgitize! And I wish that the administrators of Adgitize may find good luck and more blessings.

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