Fashion Tips for Christmas Parties 2011

Let me share some fashion tips this Christmas season that I have learned from fashbook when I have watched it at GMA news TV. Honestly, I am not really fashionable because I love being plain and simple. I wear comfortable clothing but I also adapt fashion trend in a simple way I can.

What to wear for Christmas party? Since most women will wear dress, a black tuxedo top and pants will make you stand out in the party. For men, it is a great look to wear gray tops, black pants and gray shoes.

What colors or fashion wear to avoid in Christmas parties? Shiny or sequence fashion designs are out this year so better avoid this to wear. Also, do not wear clothing with red and green colors to avoid looking like a walking Christmas tree.

Tips for curly hair: Choose a hair stylist with curly hair too because they will definitely know how to manage this type of hair.

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