Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

People are now getting busy with Christmas preparation such as events and shopping. One of my favorite part of Christmas preparation is Christmas shopping.

My Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

  • Plan.
  • Create a gift  list with the names and budget for each gift.
  • Budget. You have to follow your budget so you can buy as many gifts as you want and you can have savings before the end of the year.
  • Search and canvass before you buy. You can search and canvass the stuff online or you can do the traditional store hopping and price haggling at tiange/ bazaar.
  • Bring a small bottle of water, biscuit and candy before shopping. Surely you will be thirsty or hungry when you do Christmas shopping. It will help you energize and lessen the time used when dining at a restaurant or food stop.
  •  If you will be shopping on sale with big discounts, start in the morning. If it is midnight sale then start shopping early as you can. If you shop late, items left may not be as good as the first batch on sale.
  • Do not forget to buy gifts for your parents.
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