Keratin hair treatment is healthy

I was planning to have my first hair treatment at a salon. Yes! This is going to be my first try for the hair treatment at a hair salon. I am not really fond of undergoing hair and beauty treatments at a salon or beauty center because I usually do the natural way of keeping myself in looking good or healthy. Another reason is budget. If I have an extra money, I spend it wisely more of an investment that I can earn. The main reason of not trying the hair or beauty treatment at a salon is that I am afraid that those treatment might cause some side effects and damage so I prefer to keep my natural beauty.

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As a birthday gift to myself and for my sister, I plan to try my first hair treatment at a salon. Since I am always on a tight budget, I search online deals coupon that I can have big savings. I also research the best hair treatment that I should try which should be closely using natural non-chemical products and has a very good result for the hair. The best hair treatment that I have research is the Keratin hair treatment. It has no chemicals and healthy for the hair. Keratin is the main protective key structural component in our skin, hair and nails. With the keratin treatment, it can improve the quality of the hair from being  frizzy, curly, dry or wavy hair because it will make your hair smooth, shiny, soft and straightened effect with added strength and elasticity.

The keratin hair treatment is most popular among Hollywood stars so I believe it will give great results. Luckily, I bought a good deal from metrodeal for 56% off at MCO beauty salon. It only cost Php240 from their regular price of Php550. I am so excited to try my first hair treatment at a salon.

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