Splash Island Cabanas and cottages

Some of my readers were asking me about the cabana and cottages at Splash Island  regarding my post when my family went there last summer. I have created a post about my review on Splash Island cottage/ cabana last April 26, 2011 and it seems that many are interested about what the Splash Island cabana look like. Let me share some photos of the cabanas that I took from Splash Island.

As far as I know, Splash Island has four types of cabana or cottages and the rates differ on the type.

Splash Island Tent and Cabanas

I would suggest that if you’d like to rent a cabana better go to splash island as early as 8AM. The procedure in renting a cabana is not that easy because it is first come first serve and no reservation. You have choose the cabana by going to cabana areas and from there you have to coordinate and pay the fee to the assistant of that cabana.

If you don’t have any kids with you or you only have one bag, then I would suggest  to keep your bag at the locker rentals then take the free tent with tables and chairs. The cabanas that are shown below are some of the cabanas that I saw there. There are also other types like Cabana with sala set, private bathroom and bedroom.

splash island free tent
splash island free tent with tables and chairs
splash island open cabana
splash island open cabana – not sure of the rate
splash island cabana
splash island cabana with lock rate at Php 800 ($19-$20)

splash island inside cabana
splash island inside non-airconditioned cabana rate
splash island aircon cabana
splash island aircon cabana rate at Php1,000 ($23-$24)

splash island locker rental
splash island locker rentals area rate at Php100 per locker ($2-$3)

As of August 23,2011 the rates that I have posted above are shown in the splash island website. Please take note that the rates may vary depending on their policy. Fore more details please visit http://www.splashisland.net/ and contact them.

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