Indulgence body butter review

Two weeks ago, I order online the Indulgence skin perfecting body butter and body slimming soap. I also purchase this product from, the place where I purchase my Hair removal cold wax that I posted a review last month.


Indulgence body butter review
Indulgence Skin Perfecting body butter and slimming soap

The photo above is the actual product that I received from the shipping. The price of the Indulgence Skin Perfecting Body Butter is Php 500 and the seaweed Slimming soap cost Php45.

I bought the body butter to deeply moisturize my skin especially for my chapped dry skin on my stressed fingertips that I also shared here in my previous posts. Since they also offer other products I also bought a seaweed slimming soap since I love natural products. I also aim to lessen the appearance of my stretchmarks that I had after giving birth and I have read that body butter may help reduce it. When I received the package, they also gave me a freebie of lip and cheek tint.

I have used the body butter for almost two weeks now and I can say that I am happy for the results. It truly deeply moisturize my skin because now I don’t have the chapped dry skin on my fingertips. The scent of the body butter smells like a leaf or smells like a clean cotton. It is not greasy when applied just make sure to massage the skin evenly with the body butter. My skin becomes  more moisturize and smooth. My stretchmarks are still there and I think it lightens a little by 5%. I think I’ll have to wait for more than months for the effect on the stretchmarks.

I am glad that I have found this body butter. I will wait for three months of continuous usage of this product and I will update my review for the results in my stretchmarks.

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