My fingers are super stressed and needs a rest or cure

Stressed Fingers

Stressed Fingers

I have been experiencing a dry chapped skin on my fingertips at the right hand since I have tons of work and load. Personally, I am not stressed with my regular online work because I love my work but my fingers are so stressed. I am a work-at-home mom and I am also hands-on in taking care of my little boy and in some household chores.

My regular routines on weekdays are considered super days. I should follow my time management or else I will be experiencing so hard to adjust. I usually multi-task like working online and at the same time cooking or looking after my little boy but when I work online I focus. You can’t talk to me while I work online and there are no other extra activities on my computer while I work. I am strict and dedicated so I can deliver quality work results. But, when my little boy wants hugs and kisses from me while I work, I stopped for a moment to approach him. At the age of two, he understood when I am busy with work and he knows how to behave.

Currently, I am looking for ways to reduce the stressed or the dry chappy surface of my fingers. My stressed fingers will be normal if I don’t wash dishes but we have no maid at home so I still wash some especially the things of my little boy. I have read some products that may help like Emu oil and Rose hip. I will definitely try these products and I will share it here for the review.

How about you? Have you experience to use Emu oil and Rose Hip?

Update: I found the solution to this problem of mine with Indulgence Body Butter.

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