Advantage of being an adgitize publisher and advertiser

In my recent post about Make Money with adgitize | Earn from adgitize as a publisher, I have shared how a publisher can earn from adgitize. When I became an advertiser from adgitize, clicking ads becomes easy because as an advertiser, you don’t have to click 100 adgitize ads each day. You should only click 51 adgitize ads then that is equivalent to 100 points. You still have to follow the Simple Steps to Earn Money as an Adgitize publisher and the difference is only on adgitizing/ clicking only 51 adgitize ads. When you are an advertiser you may earn $0.50 each day or more depending on the member points so it is better to create a blog post daily, adgitize and if you have multiple blogs you may also want to advertise using the other blogs for more points. The member points were calculated from publisher’s and advertisers clicks, page views and Ad views earned so if you are really active you will gain more points. The good thing about adgitize as an advertiser is that it help increases your traffic or visitors and promote your site to hundreds of sites or even thousands depending on the ad views. I would suggest that you try to be an adgitize advertiser first in one month that cost $14, it is just like a free advertising on my part because if you are also an active publisher and advertiser you may earn $15 in 30 days ($0.50 x 30) and still you earn $1. So why not try to be an advertiser now.

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Adgitize your web site.

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