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Softening lotion for my skin

I really need a moisturizing lotion, rich and non-greasy for my hand and body. I have been searching online for the best lotion to pamper myself especially for my dry chapped skin on my fingertips area. There are many products online but not all beauty products are healthy.  Good thing I have found a better website where you can find health and beauty products.

Since I was searching for a moisturizing rich lotion, I have found a Softening Body Lotion at http://www.naturesbest.co.uk/. The products that they offer here are very interesting because I love products with natural ingredients. I am choosy when it comes to using a beauty product and what I like about the Softening body lotion is that it is long lasting and has non-greasy formulation. Most of the moisturizing rich lotion that I have used was not easily absorb by the skin because you have to rub and massage it for a longer period of time but this lotion says that it is a rich easily absorbed body lotion. Aside from that, the natural ingredients are so great. Imagine the natural ingredients are cocoa butter, green tea extract, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, olive oil, linseed oil, patented flax seed extract, grape seed oil, aloe vera, natural vitamin E. It is almost complete to keep a healthy beautiful skin. I believe that it will moisturize my dry chapped skin on my fingers when I use this product.

When I got pregnant and gave birth two years ago, stretch marks appeared on some parts of my skin. I have read that lotion rich in shea butter and vitamin E help in reducing the appearance of stretchmarks so I would go for this product. Also, when you are aging especially for women, we should take more vitamin E to keep our skin and body healthy still looking beautiful.

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