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My Prize at Nuffnang for Loud Tommy Hilfiger contest

I am thankful that I already claimed my prize for Loud Tommy Hilfiger contest in the last date of claiming the prize last February 28, 2011. I just created a blog answering “What makes me Loud?” for the contest on the new scent of LOUD Tommy Hilfiger. I am lucky to be chosen and be in the list of bloggers to enter in the contest.

Proof of prize from Nuffnang Philippines

Loud Tommy Hilfiger Eu De Toilette from Nuffnang

It is a pair of 9ml Loud Tommy Hilfiger for men and women. I try to smell the scent and I can say that it still smells like the original scent of Tommy Hilfiger but with a twist especially the scent for women.

Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Tommy Hilfiger for the prize. More Power!


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