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Hair Keratin Treatment at MCO Beauty Salon

My sister and I went to MCO beauty salon for a Keratin hair treatment. I have mentioned the benefits of hair keratin treatment in my recent post about “Keratin Hair Treatment is healthy“.

My sister have problem with her hair that frizz after being curled  a few months ago at a salon. She is planning for hair rebonding but I told her that I already bought a metrodeal voucher for our hair keratin treatment which is my birthday gift for her last month. We bought have the hair keratin treatment and hair cut. We also added extra services like pedicure for her and hand paraffin treatment  for me.

The hair keratin treatment procedure takes about 35 minutes to one hour depending on your hair type and volume.

Frizz Hair Before Keratin Treatment

Frizz Hair Before Keratin Treatment at MCO Beauty Salon

Shiny and Fine hair after Keratin treatment

Shiny and Fine hair after Keratin treatment MCO Beauty Salon

The service at MCO Beauty salon was nice. They are friendly and they have a good service. My sister was satisfied with her pedicure, haircut and keratin treatment. In my part, I enjoyed my new hair cut. It gives a good body to my hair and lighter feeling. I think the hair keratin treatment strengthened my hair and makes my scalp healthy. My hair is naturally black, shiny and straight that is why after the keratin treatment, I do not notice any difference. The problem that I have is falling hair. MCO beauty salon gave some advice on how to prevent falling hair like avoid stress, have a hair treatment at least once a month (it could be hair treatment at home), have your hair cut monthly (it will make your hair grow healthier), do not pick white hair just cut it (it will avoid the white hair from spreading).

If you are near in Manila area (Recto, Tutuban Divisoria, Bambang), MCO beauty salon is recommended for your hair cut, hair treatment needs and other services. They are located at 1323 Sanchez Ext. Tondo, Manila with Telephone number at 806-6619 .

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